General of the Blazing Flames

General of the Blazing Flames is an anime episode of Sword Art Online that was released on 11/17/2012

Kirito and Leafa have made it to the meeting and Kirito’s bluff as an ambassador has been called out. If he can survive in a fight against the Salamanders General Eugene, his plan to prevent a war might work.

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Plot Summary

Kirito vs Eugene
Kirito vs Eugene

With lightning like speed, Kirito manages to grab Leafa and exit the cave. The two head off towards the place where Sakuya and Alica are meeting. Yui detects the a huge group of players, and Kirito spots the Salamanders. Yui states it will take 50 seconds or so before the Salamanders make contact. Leafa tells Kirito that he has done enough, but Kirito states that he won't run away. Before the Salamanders can attack, Kirito crashes in in the nick of time. Eugene asks Kirito to states his purpose, and Kirito says he is an ambassador between Spriggan and Undine. Eugene asks Kirito to fight him to test Kirito's strength for 30 seconds. While Sakuya explains about Eugene's sword, the light shines off Eugene's sword. It reflects and blinds Kirito, and Eugene hits Kirito due to his Ethereal Shift bonus skill. Kirito asks Eugene about his 30 seconds limit.

When things look bad for Kirito, Kirito uses his smoke bomb to buy him some time. He quickly takes Leafa's sword. When it seems that Kirito is gone, he strikes Eugene from above. He uses Leafa's sword to block and delivers quick attacks. Eugene tries to block Kirito, and Kirito cuts through Eugene's attacks. Everyone applause for the spectacular battle between Eugene and Kirito. Sakuya heals Eugene who comments on how Kirito is skilled. Then, Kagemune informs Eugene that the person who wiped out his party is Kirito. Eugene states that his army will withdraw, and he and Kirito do a fist bump. Leafa informs Sakuya about Sigurd. Sakuya states that Sigurd did not like how the Sylphs are behind the Salamanders. Sigurd desires power, and Sakuya talks about a 5.0 Patch and its reincarnation. Sigurd can reincarnate into a Salamander.

Sakuya asks Alicia to open a mirror, so she can speak to Sigurd. When Sigurd states that they need him in charge of the military, Sakuya bans Sigurd. Sakuya and Alicia asks Kirito about him being ambassador, and Kirito states he was lying. Kirito says he is just a mercenary, and Alicia grabs Kirito's arm. Hugging his left arm and pressing against her chest, Alicia asks Kirito to be a mercenary for her group. Sakuya does the same thing as Alicia. Leafa pulls Kirito and says Kirito is her, but she could not complete the sentence out of embarrassment. Kirito declines the ladies' offer, and he tells them that Leafa is helping him get to the World Tree. Before Sakuya and Alicia leave, Kirito gives them his large sum of money. Yui pops out and tells her daddy not to cheat since she feels Kirito's heart pounding earlier. Leafa asks if she's okay, and Kirito makes a weak statement that causes Leafa to question Kirito. To avoid her question, Kirito soars in the sky and urges her to head to Arun before sunset.

Meanwhile, Asuna frees herself by inputting the code she has learned.

Points Of Interest

  • Eugene's Gram sword needs a two-handed sword skill of 950 to equip it. It has a bonus skilled called Ethereal Shift, that allows it to pass through an attack if the person blocks it with a sword.


  • Japanese Name: "Mōen no Shō" (猛炎の将)
  • Light Novel Chapter:
  • Opening Theme: "INNOCENCE" by Aoi Eir
  • Ending Theme: "Overfly" Haruna Luna

Characters & Voice Actors

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Reki Kawahara Original Concept Light novel writer
Tomohiko Ito Director Director of Occult Academy
Eir Aoi OP Theme Song: "INNOCENCE"
Luna Haruna Ed Theme Song: "Overfly"


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