Gen Shishio

Gen Shishio is a anime/manga character in the Kekkaishi franchise
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"It's impossible. I... only know how to destroy" Ryo Shishio's younger brother and a member of the Night Troop. He was sent to Karasumori by Masamori Sumimura to assist the Yoshimori and Tokine

Gen Shishio (志々尾限, Shishio Gen) was a former member from the Night Troop (夜行, Yagyō) and later then transferred to Karasumori academy to aid Yoshimori and Tokine.


Gen is having a wild looking person who has a spiky hair, beastly looking eyes, and usually wear his uniform messed up that also seen he usually wearing an orange shirt.
While Gen on hunting, Gen is wearing a ninja-like purple dressing, with pair of armors attached on his arms and his leg. The Yagyō mark also seen on the back of his uniform.


Gen so slow to trust or even interact to anyone. He had trouble to understanding the way other people's behave, and spent a great deal of time observing them and reflecting.
Gen was sent by Masamori Sumimura to cooperate with Yoshimori and Tokine. Gen was ask Masamori why he's the one whose sent here and Masamori said that he may getting along well with Yoshimori. Gen was seen acting selfishly who always take a quick step without listening to his two partners, especially Yoshimori. As the days goes, he become starting to get along well and started a bonds with Yoshimori.


Gen is an ayakashi majiri. Gen was a strong person with an incredible speed and powers. He usually take out his powers by only transforming his arms and legs to help him in battle to help him boost his strength and speed. Gen is also having an accelerated healing.
Gen's Ayakashi Majiri form is appeared to be a beastly looking Wolf-man with a dark fur, white stripes, and also a red flame pattern on his body. Gen usually don't allowed to use his powers fully cause he can't control it at most times and mostly watched by Hiba to not using it often.


  • According to Hiromu Tabata's data, Gen is very popular with the Girls in Karasumori Academy. High School division also started a Fan Club of him cause "wild types" like him are rarely seen.
  • Gen's name can be referred to "Limit".
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Grant George
General Information Edit
Name: Gen Shishio
Name: 志々尾限
Romanji: Shishio Gen
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Kekkaishi #21
1st anime movie:
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