Geese Howard

Geese Howard is a anime/manga character in the Fatal Fury franchise
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The ruthless crime boss of South Town. Geese Howard was one of the worlds most feared fighters.


Geese Howard was born to Maria Howard and Rudolph Krauser Von Stroheim. Some time after he was born Geese's father abandoned his family. When he was older Geese tracked his father down and tried to kill him but the assassination attempt was thwarted by his brother Wolfgang Krauser. After this incident Geese quickly became afraid of his brother.

Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf

FF1 - Geese
FF1 - Geese

Geese would soon begin training in various martial arts forms, eventually coming under the tutelage of Tung Fu Rue. He began a rivalry with Jeff Bogard, another of the master's students, and was upset when Master Tung chose Jeff to learn the Master's secret techniques. Geese arranged for Jeff to be thrashed and he then killed him.

10 years would pass and Geese now ruled South Town in all but name. Terry and Andy Bogard would return to seek revenge for their father's death. Master Tung informed the brothers that there was a special technique that he would teach only to his chosen successor, a technique so secret it had never been written down anywhere. The brothers agree to compete in the King of Fighters Tournament with Master Tung watching in secret to decide who he will teach. Geese arranges for his surrogate daughter Lily to poison Terry before his fight but Lily does not go through with it. Geese then has a sniper placed in the stadium and upon his command will have the brothers killed. Joe Higashi, a friend of the Bogards, leaps into the line of fire and protects the Bogards (by taking a bullet in the shoulder). Lily helps the trio escape but before she can leave is confronted by her benefactor. Geese hits her with a Repuken and she flies out the window and crashes to the ground. Geese watches the girl die in Terry's arms, with no remorse what-so-ever.

Geese is challenged on his private island by Andy and Joe but he makes quick work out of the exhausted pair. Terry Bogard arrives and challenges Geese to a fight soon after. Geese easily deflects, avoids or evades all of Terry's offensive moves and it is only when Terry is able to properly use the Hurricane Punch is he able to defeat Geese. The attack also leaves a scar across Geese's chest.

Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle

FF2 - Laughs at Brother's Demise
FF2 - Laughs at Brother's Demise

Recovering from the injuries he sustained from Terry Bogard, Geese is approached by Wolfgang Krauser. Krauser is bored and seeks to test his skills against the fighter that injured the former lord of South Town. Geese, knowing he has nothing to loose in this, gives his brother the name he seeks, Terry Boagard. Geese is kept informed by his employees as to the events that transpire. He even assists in his brother's eventual downfall by manipulating the fighters involved. When word of his brother's death reaches him he is pleased and laughs maniacally at his brother's end.

Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture

FF3 - Raging Storm
FF3 - Raging Storm

Geese Howard is training in secret and only his most trusted underlings know where he is. Billy Kane reports the incident at the club between Andy Bogard and Hauer but Geese dismisses it. He then executes his special technique, the Raging Storm but is not yet satisfied with its effect much to Billy's dismay.

King of Fighters: Another Day

In this orignal web animation Geese has died (after the events of Real Bout Fatal Fury videogame). His son Rock Howard is living with his mentor, Terry Bogard. Billy is running things but has no where near the power Geese once wielded. An unnamed syndicate has sent Lien Neville to wipe out Billy Kane and Rock Howard.

General Information Edit
Name: Geese Howard
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Silver Spoon 2 #1
1st anime movie: Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf (Special)
Recent Movies
Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf (Special)

A TV special based on SNK's Fatal Fury video game franchise.

Fatal Fury: The New Battles (Special)

The Legend Continues...

Fatal Fury The Motion Picture

Terry, Andy, Mai and Joe are asked by a girl named Sulia to stop her brother from finding the pieces of the Armor of Mars.

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