One Piece #40 - Gear

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 12/26/2005

Plot Summary

One Piece - Vol. 40

Gear - ギア (Gia)

Hankering for a fight, Luffy's got a jump start on the battle to rescue Robin and Franky before they're sentenced by the Navy's court at Enies Lobby. Now that the Straw Hats and the Franky Family have banded together, the World Government is in for an epic battle. But did the Navy deceive Robin into sacrificing herself in order to trap the Straw Hats?!


Chapter 378. Damage Report.....Pg.

被害状況 (Higai Jōkyō)

Chapter 379. Dōriki.....Pg.

道力 (Dōriki)

Chapter 380. Express to Enies Lobby Main Island.....Pg.

エニエス・ロビー本島行き急行便 (Eniesu Robī Hontōyuki Ekusupuresu)

Chapter 381. Fired.....Pg.

クビ (Kubi)

Chapter 382. The Demon's Hideout.....Pg.

鬼の隠れ家 (Oni no Kakure-ga)

Chapter 383. Luffy VS Blueno.....Pg.

ルフィVSブルーノ (Rufi vs Burūno)

Chapter 384. Raise the Counterattack Signal.....Pg.

反撃ののろしを上げろ (Hangeki no Noroshi wo Agero)

Chapter 385. There Is a Way.....Pg.

道はある (Michi wa Aru)

Chapter 386. Unprecedented.....Pg.

前代未聞 (Zendai Mimon)

Chapter 387. Gear.....Pg.

ギア (Gia)

Chapter 388. Gear Second.....Pg.

ギア2 (Gia Sekando)

Moves This Volume

CharacterTechnique Name
Mozu & Kiwi SquareShip's Bottom - Dismantling Cut
PaulieRope Action - Timber Hitch Tug
Rope Action - Top Knot
Rope Action - Half-Knot Air Dive
Rope Action - Shrouds and Ratline Knot
Rope Action - Figure 8 Knot
Peepley LuluThree Nail Lock
TilestoneThree Nail Lock
Battleship Cannon
Monkey D. LuffyGum-Gum Storm
Gum-Gum Volcano
Gum-Gum Gatling
Gum-Gum Spear
Gum-Gum Rifle
Gum-Gum Bullet
Gum-Gum Jet Pistol
Gum-Gum Jet Stamp
Gum-Gum Jet Bazooka
Tony Tony ChopperWalking Point
Strong Point
KumadoriIron Body (Tekkai)
Life Return: Hair Bind (Sei Mei Ki Kan: Kami Shibari)
NamiThunder Bolt Tempo
BluenoDoor-Door Air Door
Iron Body (Tekkai)
Shave (Soru)
Moon Walk (Geppo)
Storm Leg (Rankyaku)
Iron Body Wheel (Tekkai Rin)
Door-Door Revolution
Finger Pistol (Shigan)
Iron Body Smash (Tekkai Sai)
Iron Body Strength (Tekkai Gou)
Roronoa ZoroSantoryu - Dragon Twister (unnamed)
Santoryu - Enbima Yonezu Oni Giri

Points of Interest

  • The story of the former Baroque Works members is continued in this volume's splash pages. It also shows Hina, Jango, and Fullbody.
  • Nami is shown wearing Luffy's Straw Hat in the splash page of Ch. 379.
  • In this volume, Fukuro explains the system of Doriki in gauging the fighting power of humans to the CP-9 members. An average strained guard is 10 Doriki.
  • Jabra is revealed to be a Devil Fruit user, but his powers wont be shown until Volume 42.
  • The two Devil Fruits that Kaku and Kalifa eat are the Cow-Cow Fruit: Model Giraffe and the Bubble-Bubble Fruit. These powers wont be revealed until until Volume 42.
  • Blueno reveals in this volume that is a Devil Fruit user was to try and eat another Devil Fruit that they would die. Their body would explode without a trace.
  • Nami calls Zoro a Fantasista in this volume.
  • Gear Second first appears in Chapter 387. Gear Third is hinted at, but it's not revealed until Volume 42.
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