Gazula the Amicable MonsteR

Gazula the Amicable MonsteR is an anime series
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After hatching from an egg on the volcanic island of Bikkura, the man-sized saurian monster Gazula comes to live in human society, where his predeliction for eating iron objects causes problems for the long-suffering Professor Nugeta and his family.

A lovable monster show designed to capitalize on the concurrent kiddification of the Godzilla movie series, Gazula bears a strong thematic resemblance to the live-action Tsuburaya show Buska (*DE), broadcast the previous year. Gazula befriends the professor's son Oshio and becomes a companion who combines the conjuring mischief of Doraemon with the metabolism of Eat-Man-since he, too, ingests metal to transform it into useful devices. Gazula wears a comical bowler hat, bow tie, and a diaper and lives in perpetual fear of the local veterinarian, who yearns to stick a hypodermic needle in his tail.

The original black-and-white series, which was split into two tales per episode, was screened in Australia in the early 1970s, although this version does not seem to have made it to any other English-speaking countries. A color version followed in 1987, directed by Seitaro Hara, but recycling many of the old scripts.

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General Information Edit
Name Gazula the Amicable MonsteR
Romaji: Araa
Publisher ?
Start Year 1967
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Aliases Gudzulla I'm Gudzulla So It's Gudzulla
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