Gattai is a anime/manga concept
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Literally "combination" or "union," generally refers to the fusing of mechs.


The world gattai mean combination or fusion in Japanese, used when multiple robots or mecha transform to merge with each other. Most of time when the main characters' robots merge they become strong enough to take down their enemies, which is at this point considered as cliche of many mecha series. However this concept is not used in all mecha series, it is mostly used in super robot shows and not in realistic robot series.


  • Extension - The robots that are part of gattai formation transform themselves to become limb of bigger robot.
  • Armament - While one remains its robot form, the other robot that is part of gattai formation scatter and attach itself to main body
  • Weapon - One, or sometimes more, robot transform and becomes a weapon such as sword or cannon. This one can be questionable since they don't exactly combine to each other. However there are instances where the weapon robot and main robot attach to each other.

Notable Series and Characters/Mechas


Braves Series

Choudenji Robo Combattler V

Daikuu Maryu Gaiking

Dancouga - Super Beast Machine God

Dancouga Nova

Eldran Series

Gaiking : Legend of Daikuu Maryuu

Getter Robo


  • Machine Robo Rescue
  • Mugenbine

Muteki Choujin Zambot 3

Shinkon Gattai Godannar

Six God Combination Godmars

Super Robot Wars

  1. SRX
  2. Huckebein

Super Sentai / Power Ranger


  1. Devastator
  2. Superion
  3. Menasor
  4. Bruticus
  5. Defensor
  6. Predaking
  7. Computron
  8. Abominus
  9. Raiden
  1. Ginrai
  2. Overlord
  3. Darkwings
  4. King Poseidon
  1. Victory Saber
  2. Road Caesar
  3. Landcross
  4. Liokaiser
  5. Dinoking
  1. Magnaboss
  2. Tripledacus
  3. God Naptune
  1. Omega Prime
  2. Rail Racer
  3. Landfill
  4. Ruination
  5. Fortress Maximus
  1. Jet Optimus
  2. Burning Megatron
  3. Perceptor
  4. Star Saber
  5. Skyboom Shield
  6. Requiem Blaster
  1. Superion Maximus
  2. Constructicon Maximus
  3. Bruticus Maximus

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

  1. Gurren Lagann - Combination of Simon's Lagann and Kamina's Gurren
  2. Arc Gurren Lagann - Combination of Gurren Lagann and Arc Gurren
  3. Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann - Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren combined with Arc Gurren Lagann
  4. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Physical form of Simon and his comrades' energy
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Concept Name Gattai
Japanese Name: 合体
Romaji Name: gattai
Aliases Gestalt
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