Gato is a anime/manga character in the Naruto franchise
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Gato was a criminal who rose high, eventually killed by Zabuza a original employee of his who, killed him on the bridge he had done a tremendous job trying to stop from ever connecting with another land.

Gato was a criminal who rose up higher and higher in the land of Mist until he was the top. He had everything. The money, the clothes, the rules. He made his own rules, killing innocents and other people. Long after he was this person the Land of Mist decided to fuse with another place through a bridge. This infuriated Gato. It basically brought him down a level. And when he found out who was building the bridge he sent his best assassin ater him.

Zabuza, a famous assassin from the Hidden Mist villiage. He was vastly known and was in the Legendary Seven Swordsmen. Soon after that ,though, he went rogue
and became a assassin. He was great at his job and finding Gato was a good thing.After being told his mission he left to kill the man. But that was the flaw, Naruto , Sasuke, and Sakura ,along with Kakashi , their squad leader.

When reaching Team 7 as was Naruto's squad name was called he showed himself. Kakashi knew him and was surprised. When Zabuza said for ,Tazuna, the bridge builder. When everyone in the group denied him he began to fight . Causing a mist around the area he easily deafeted Sasuke and Naruto. Luckily though Kakashi interfered and brought in his Sharingan. He began to copy Zabuza's exact moves until the poin and soon he had Zabuza in a handle. Astonishing though a Anbu came out of nowhere and used three needles to penetrate Zabuza's body. He appeared all but dead.

After explaining himself(Her) to Kakashi she took Zabuza's body and disappeared.The person underneath the Anbu mask wasn't a anbu operative. It was Haku , Zabuza's "side kick" After taking Zabuza back to his camp Haku tended to his wounds.While this happened Naruto's groupe , team 7 was on it's way to Tazuna's familys house.

Tazuna's Grandchild
Tazuna's Grandchild
After reaching Tazuna's families house Naruto and his squad spend some time there. But none other than Naruto was stubborn, he didn't understand why Tazuna's Grandchild didn't believe in himself or care for anyone else. After spending alittle extra accumilated time Team 7 goes to the bridge.There they met Zabuza again along with Haku.

While they spent their time at the house Anaval had found Zabuza and told him to finish the mission at,nothing more,then the bridge. So when Zabuza healed he went to the bridge and there started the second battle.

Seperated Sakura guarded Tazuna while Sasuke and Naruto had Haku. Kakashi decided to take on Zabuza himself.

After a short time, Haku made a mirror jutsu surronding the whole place in mirrors. From there Sasuke and Naruto were sitting ducks. They were needled multiple times until Naruto was knocked out and Sasuke took some more needles for him. When Naruto awoke he thought Sasuke was dead from all the blood coming out. Breaking into a rage he transformed into his "demon" mode and took on Haku. After awhile the jutsu breaks and then Naruto tends to Sasuke who was really pretty alright. Thinking Haku for dead they watched as Kakashi made his special jutsu and sent it off to Zabuza at point blank range. In that instant though, Haku appeared infront of Zabuza and took the blow seemingly dieing. Everyone was shocked by this and stopped for a moment.

At this time Gato had sent to people to beat down Tazuna's family. But luckily Tazuna's Grandchild was able to beat them remembering Naruto's advice. Finding the inner self inside of him he rallied up the people of the Hidden Mist and they marched to the bridge.

Zabuza ,getting ready to surrender, is shunned by Gato's thugs. Gato watching from somewhere watched as Zabuza's fog cleared up and saw what had happened. So quickly he had dispatched his horde of thugs onto everyone on the bridge. They blocked the only way off of the bridge and with that Zabuza, feeling he had nothing to lose, put a dagger inbetween his mouth and sliced through Gato's army, his arms were rendered useless at this time because of fighting Kakashi.Reaching Gato he singlehandedly killed him and during this spree had been stabbed multiple times by swords,daggers, and poles.
Feeling they had won the Thugs attempted to escape but with no avail . Tazuna's family was able to reach the bridge with the towns people. They all had crossbows and killed off alot of the people who either jumped off of the bridge to escape or where hit by crossbow bolts. There ended Zabuza and his criminal workings. With the bridge finished, luckily, Naruto and Team 7 moved back to the Hidden Leaf Villiage with a strange but epic story.
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Fred Tatasciore
Rank Game #116 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Gato
Name: ガトー
Romanji: Gatou
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Naruto #2
1st anime episode: Naruto #6
1st anime movie:
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