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Japan is invaded by ancient army through mysterious gate that appeared out of nowhere. However Japan counterattack with overwhelming military force and annihilate the enemy force, and send a team to investigate the world behind the gate.


Gate is series that started as light novel and currently has manga adoptation


One day on the 21st century, a gate suddenly appears and opens in middle of Ginza district of Tokyo, Japan. Out of the gate came soldiers and monsters, killing everyone and claiming the land. Unknown to them Japan was equipped with high-powered military weapon they have never seen before, and was pushed back to their own land. After the incident Japanese Self-Defense Force, JSDF for short, go through the gate and discovers fantasy world, and build a military station to prevent future invasion. To investigate and learn more about the new world, a small team has been sent on reconnaissance mission, lead by a man named Youji Itami as commander, a self-admitted otaku.


Youji Itami - With military ranking of Second Lieutenant, Youji Itami leads his team of reconnaissance often ending up helping the needed even though he is behind the enemy line and people he is helping are civilians from enemy country. Despite his slacking personality he holds the ranger badge, which is given to people who was able to withstand extreme situation.

Lelei la Lelena - Sage in training, she travels with Itami and his team to learn more about new technology and culture.

Tuka Luna Marceau - Elf girl who is last of her tribe. Everybody in the village including her father was annihilated by fire dragon. As an elf she can use spiritual magics.

Rori Mercury - One of twelve apostle of Emroy, God of Darkness and War. She follows Itami and his team to fight, as she gets excited by bloodshed.

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Name: Gate
Aliases: Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There!
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