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The King's Treasury, Gilgamesh's Noble Phantasm in Fate/ Stay Night. It allows him to conjure his whole plethora of legendary weapons

Gilgamesh's answer to any mongrel.
Gilgamesh's answer to any mongrel.
Gate of Babylon, the King's Treasury. A key shaped sword which connects to the golden capital. Gilgamesh's primary Noble Phantasm
By connecting reality to the vault, he can pick and use any item he pleases. Gilgamesh once possessed every treasure of the world, including the weapons later became famous as Noble Phantasms. While for example Cú Chulain has Gae Bolg which became famous, Gilgamesh possesses a spear that later became Gae Bolg, but wasn't famous at the time he owned it. He even has the prototypes and inspiration of later made Noble Phantasms, like Caliburm and even Excalibur.
He can summon any item from his vault whenever he wishes. Gilgamesh prefers to use Gate of Babylon to shoot out a vast array of Noble Phantams like a rain of projectiles. The power of such salvo is comparable to a carpet bomber. After they hit, the Noble Phantasms instantly return to the vault to be used once again. Perhaps Gilgamesh is fully capable of using each Noble Phantasm's (as it was shown in his battle with Saber) ability but he prefers to not dirty his hands. Other than weapons Gilgamesh has shown to summon mystical shields, ancient wine and even starship-like flying machine. 
Unlike Shirou and Archer's tracing, Gilgamesh's weapons are real Noble Phantasms. They are originals and thus don't degrade like Archer's. On the other hand Gilgamesh is only the owner not the user of those weapons and he didn't master them. As such his skills at fighting with those weapons are weaker than Shirou or Archer's who not only copy the weapon but the owner's experience and skills.

Known Noble Phantasms inside the Gate:

Durandal:  the holy sword favored by Roland, the paladin of Middle Age Europe.The king Charlemagne was granted the sword by an angel, and awarded it to Roland, the honored leader of the twelve knights.It holds three miracles and does not lose its sharpness even when its possessor's magical energy is depleted. Like Calibum, it is a symbol of power splendidly forged. Archer and Shirou has shown
Merodach: The Original Sin, the weapon which inspired Gram and thus inspired Calibum. The weapon is one of the strongest holy swords(Stronger than Calibum) and has a dragon-slaying property. It can release a blinding light of energy similar to Excalibur and can unleash a powerful swing of light not unlike Calibum.

Dainselif:  is a demonic sword from the Nibelungen, a cursed Noble Phantasm that brings ruin to its possessor. It is a demonic sword handed down the family that killed the Northern European hero Sigurd, and it is a Noble Phantasm originally possessed by the dragon Fafnir.It has a strong curse of "revenge", but it also guides its possessor to ruin.Demonic swords and holy swords contain both glory and ruin, but this Noble Phantasm only brings ruin to its possessor. Gilgamesh never really used it, just showed it once.

 Harpe:  The name of the snake hunter's scythe used by Perseus to kill Medusa, when she was in monstrous Gorgon form. It is considered one of five noble phantasms owned by Perseus. Hermes was the original owner of the scythe, but he lent his winged sandals Talaria and Harpe to Perseus to aid him in his task of bringing Medusa's head.It's actually not much of an excellent blade, but it possess the ability of "Refraction of Longevity", which is said to be the greatest special trait. A divine skill that nullifies the special powers of immortality, wounds inflicted by Harpe cannot be restored by any methods other than healing in accordance to the natural laws.One of the many Noble Phantasms shown when Gilgamesh actiaved his Gate of Babylon.
Vajra: Noble Phantasm that can be shot only once, for damage ranked B . It is a simple weapon that does fixed damage regardless of the user's prana. Vajra is the indestructible diamond pounder ( 金剛杵 , kongou kine) owned by the gods of in the buddhist mythology. Vajra is a symbol of divinity of Indra , the god of lightning from the mythology of the ancient India. Indra was first introduced by the Aryans as a phenomenon, and Vajra's original name is Vjaya. Indra's name then changed to Taishakuten (Sakra) when Buddhism became the main religion and the name of his symbol of divinity also changed.  
Gungnir: Spear of Odin, a weapon that never misses.The prototype of Lancer's Gae Bolg. Shown to be in amongst the collection of Gilgamesh's when he first revealed the Gate of Babylon and the weapon which gave Berserker the death blow in UBW. The spear's special ability to always hit the heart. The method to achieve this is the complete reverse of cause and effect. Piercing of the heart is already determined which result in the thrust of the spear. There's no way to dodge it once unleashed, no matter how fast or agile the opponent is. The only way to avoid it by possessing immense amount of luck(the ability to change fate). In addition the weapon has a strong curse to prevent regeneration and healing.

Unknown sword: Used against Saber. The sword was completely invisible, just like the sheathed form of Saber's Excalibur.
Unknown Freezing Blade: Another sword used against Saber. A swing from the weapon freezes the space it cuts in an instant, not leaving any chance for Saber to dodge.
Unknown Sickle: Like the others it was used against Saber. The sickle harmlessly phased through armor and flesh to hit whatever Gilgamesh desired. The sickle also has the ability to leech magic energy.
Unknown Hammer: It's a hammer larger than a man. Gilgamesh attempted to crush Saber with it.
Unknown Mirror: Gilgamesh used it to reflect a magic attack back on its user.
Sha Nagba Imuru: A trinket that constantly informs Gilgamesh of the future actions of his opponents. For example it allowed Gilgamesh to know what kind of weapon Shirou is about to trace.

 Vimana as it was shown in Fate/Zero Side Material
 Vimana as it was shown in Fate/Zero Side Material
Vimana is a golden and emerald ark, fueled by mercury and solar-powered by rutilated quartz crystals, that surpasses the laws of physics by traveling at the speed of thought. It has a pilot throne that can be withdrawn in emergency situations, and a control column, which isn't used due to interference with the operation of the Gate of Babylon, is placed directly in front of it. He can freely use the Gate of Babylon to launch projectiles while piloting the vessel, and he can also summon shields to block midair projectiles. Within the myths of ancient India, it was apparently loaded with a variety of weapons ranging from ancient machine guns to ancient nuclear warheads, which have been collected and stored within Gilgamesh's treasury. 


The Chains of Heaven. This is the weapon Gilgamesh used to defeat the Heavenly Bull sent by the Babylonian gods. The Chain can appear anywhere Gilgamesh wishes to warp around his opponent. The captive is sealed inside a different space, preventing him/her from leaving. It's said that the more divinity one has, the more effective the chains are. For gods and powerful half-gods(like Hercules), the chains are nearly unbreakable.


The Star of Creation, Gilgamesh's strongest and only true Noble Phantasm. It's a drill-like sword which is rumored to be the weapon which split Heavens and Earth apart. The only known Anti-World Noble Phantasm plus it's ranked Ex. The attack called as Enuma Elish generates a fake layer of space to attack. It's power far surpasses Excalibur and in high-settings literally destroys the space, leaving nothing but the shine of Ea in its wake.
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General Information Edit
Thing Name Gate of Babylon
Japanese Name: 王の財宝
Romaji Name: Ou no Zaihou
Aliases The King's Treasury
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Fate/stay night #19
1st anime movie: Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works
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