Dark Horse: CLAMP Mangettes On Hold

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 Here, have a cover for a book you won't see in print any time soon.
 Here, have a cover for a book you won't see in print any time soon.
Some news out of C2E2, courtesy of MangaBlog's Brigid Alverson (this time reporting at Robot6): the CLAMP "Mangettes" project Gate 7, an attempt to create a new, internationally-released work by one of the top names in Japan, are officially on hold for the time being, according to the publisher behind the project: Dark Horse.

The CLAMP mangettes were originally announced back at Comic-Con International in 2007 as a project to be released multinationally, in more than just Japan and the US. It was going to be released in monthly chunks of 80 pages; the title was a pun-- "ettes" being a suffix for small, and "getsu" meaning "montH" in Japan. 

Details trickled out very, VERY slowly, and just over a year ago the title (Gate 7) and cover were released on Amazon. Unfortunately, word is now that the Mangettes are on hold as far as Dark Horse is concerned-- they're working on their CLAMP omnibuses first --and the listing originally on Amazon.co.jp is now gone.

This is really a shame; I was looking forward to CLAMP being simul-released, and in print rather than online-- although online would have been better than not at all. On the other hand, some of the framework is still here, so perhaps the work will come out somehow, somewhen.
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 CLAMP just got back from a trip in the Kansai area where they did some research for their "new work": 
Looks like things are finally moving forward! But if the project does happen this year, it'll definitely be in the 2nd half of the year, there's still a lot to do and we don't even have a proper announcement yet.
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Oh man, that cover is kind of awesome, I look forward too it eventually.
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