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…and I’m done.

I don’t know exactly how we got from a mixed-but-still-promising opener to the tedious slog of these past four episodes - - maybe there was just enough style in the animation to distract me from how middling the show actually was from the beginning - - but I’m fed up with writing the same critique every few days. The show just isn’t going to get better.

To focus on the good stuff, there’s a lot of (very) raw material here from some other, better show to hopefully scoop up and execute properly at a later date. Again, the notion of crowdsourcing heroism is pretty fertile, and I also like the design of the anthropomorphic icons (I guess that’s the best way to describe the creature in the cap above? He looks like one of the little ghost-like Wazers that pop up when I’m following directions my GPS).

We also get the ‘terrible knowledge’ monologue that’s pretty much requisite of any anime dealing with bigger ideas - - except, in this case, I believe it’s one of the aforementioned Wazers instead of an ominous sphinx. It actually does offer something meaty to chew on in regard to the economics of altruism. It’s just too little, too late, and we’re well past the “it gets good” cut-off.

Honestly, this has just motivated me to go check out the original GATCHAMAN show instead. I don’t care if it isn’t available for streaming online - - I’ll find it, somehow. I get the feeling that what once might’ve seemed quaint and old fashioned will now seem far more confident and full of blood than the listless, anemic excuse for heroics that I’ve just been slogging through here.

Watch this episode, "Collaboration" here and decide for yourself, then read my write-up on the previous episode here.

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1st ya after geting to 10 an finaly seeing some kinda action.I agree on all points now. How much potential the series has an how much is just simply almost sinfuly wasted.Also note the shows animatin style to me as the series goes on gets less an less . Animation style quality wise seems to drop.

so your looking holloweenish before seeing maybe few months after that it will hit hulu or crunchyroll.Maybe.

At this point im at episode 11 an finaly some action happens.. an it feels rushed an secondary.Their is no conection to the characters for me.Heck even over positive girl seems poorly writen now.Two main characters feel gloomy an paper thin.

Ill try hold out an waste a hour for the last two episodes.To see if it does redeem it self in some way .Any way at this point this has the feel of a hollywood remake.Throw in some intresting ideas an scrap all the things that made it popular in the first place.Throw in shocked face for all characters an thats what hppened to the show.

An no i can say the next 5 episodes are no bettter.The 1st one was probly the best.Actualy the 1st one was better than the entier next 9 combined.

edit tired to get link from

but for some reason searches on their site would not work in explorer.That would be the cheeper alternative .

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Hmm I still say a slow build up can work and certainly getting to know the characters and focusing on them is important and really only five shows bad you didn't find the hijinks enjoyable enough. Haven't watched this though so can say much about it specifically but in other shows I certainly didn't hate a slow build up as much as you do.

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I haven't watch the original GatchaMan series, but I'm somewhat enjoying this series. @Marshal Victory:

There was a long reflection episode.

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@zaldar: Thats the thing tho . we really dont learn alot about the characters. Guy with the sword is still fairly 2d we just know joe ( i think) saved him when he was young.We know the healer girl can clone her self an can die from healing.Guy wiht the hat we know he seems to like guys an if he uses his power its bad some how.

Just not enuff to make you go i like this character or that character.10 in an i couldnt tell you much about the characters than that.The lead female is perky but 1st episode tells ya that.

@takashichea: As long as you dont look at the posibilites droped in the show its watchable.

edit just seen 11 .. um half the episode was a flashback! other half wasnt bad tho.That does show something went amiss in the show tho since its only 12 episodes.

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@Marshal Victory: Well if that is true that certainly makes sense, and it would certainly make the show not watchable. To bad as really the old one seemed pretty much not watchable at least for me.

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