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Well, I’m seeing a couple more series I can unfavorably compare this to…

First, there’s EDEN OF THE EAST, a popular show which I had a contrarian opinion about. I described it as being like THE BOURNE IDENTITY as reinterpreted by the ‘Hook-Up Generation,’ and that wasn’t a compliment. It felt like your worst stereotype of a noncommittal, blasé hipster had been tasked to take on the lead of a full-blooded spy thriller, and he was perfectly content with only investing a minimum amount of effort into it.

CROWDS’ notion of some internet start-up (presumably?) updating an iconic superhero team’s MO with a program that works along the same lines of a hook-up app very overtly recall’s EDEN’s social network approach to rebellion. As consequence, these G-Forcers don’t seem like bold and dynamic action-takers, but petulant kids who are defusing their responsibilities and delegating their heroic duties to a data-addicted crowd. It’s really not that inspiring.

Secondly, I’d compare this C – CONTROL, because its production seems to have already outpaced its ideas. Despite my unfavorable comparison to EDEN, I actually do find this fantastical approach to social networks to be an intriguing bit of futurism (as the title suggests!). There’s plenty of room here to take satirical stabs at modern culture, but I don’t think the show’s going to be doing so with that much cogency, simply because it hasn’t had time to properly think things through.

As such, we’re being left with a show about ideas that aren’t fully-formed, starring characters that really aren’t that fleshed out. All the while, we’ll be waiting for a spiritual successor that might hopefully take all this raw material and weave it into something better realized.

Watch this episode, "Futurism" here and decide for yourself, then read my write-up on the previous episode here.

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You are certainly right: your opinion on Eden of the East really is contrarian. Whether your approach to your mission is blase or gung-ho, all that matters at the end is 1) who died /what was destroyed on your watch and 2) did you complete your mission.

I dug C more than Crowds, even though C could've gone further with its premise. Sometimes being different isn't all you need to gather viewership.

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Ehh i have to disagree a bit here.Its rift on social media as a force for good is intresting ( all tho naive as time shows ).with its other twists inc its got a few more ideas i think that play out in a non-traditional fashion.If any thing its plot pacing is weird but not thought threw i cant buy yet.

EDEN OF THE EAST is one i havent got around to yet. But C – CONTROL played out fairly well for what it was.Not seeing a link tween the two.If any thing C – CONTROL was a bit long for what it wanted to say.Which i supose could give off the feel of it ran out of ideas once the seires is streached to fit x amount of episodes.

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Wow tom...I think you just added this to my watch list as Eden of the East and C-Control are two of the shows I loved last season more than practically anything else I have seen...

and to think your other takes on this didn't make me all that interested and this is the one where you are trying to turn people away...

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@zaldar: Eden of the East and C weren't last season shows. I don't get the usage of "last season"

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@YotaruVegeta: fine fine recent shows then....perfectionist here I see...

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@zaldar: Nah, not a perfectionist. I couldn't call Sailor Moon last season if I saw it a month ago.

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