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It’s impossible to watch everything at once. Plain fact. While I’ve enjoyed going back through both FIST OF THE NORTH STAR and HUNTER X HUNTER, they are both older shonen series, and thus, are kind-of ‘double-dipping’ in terms of purpose. I also figure I ought to be keeping up with at least one new series this season. Group that with a nagging curiosity about just how ridiculous this iteration of GATCHAMAN gets… and we find ourselves right here for this game of catch-up.

I can totally see why this show has been sticking so sorely into diehard G-Fans' craw. With the first episode, it was dryly amusing to simply appraise CROWDS and compare it to the self-aware reinvention phases of other superhero franchise. Now, it’s already becoming clear that it isn’t a particularly coherent ‘self-aware reinvention.’

When I read over some… * AHEM *… episode summaries which more enthusiastic fans have written up, the show doesn’t actually seem that complicated on paper. However, there’s just something about the presentation that seems almost intentionally obfuscated.

Again, the notion of GATCHAMAN being reinvented as a loose network of sleeper agents (is that the right word?) who are assembled by an app-based network based on their proximity to the threat-at-hand is novel and intriguing. However, seeing that premise in action feels akin to, say, watching a bunch of kids jump through the hoops of e-courtship. You actually gain a new appreciation for the direct, confident way that things to get done.

Honestly, this show’s uncomfortably reminding me of EUREKA SEVEN AO. The fractal, geodesic design of the evil aliens (or whatever they are) establishes a visual link, of course. More to the point, though, it really feels like the product of Tatsunoku spuriously licensing their property out to some outside creative whose experience doesn’t pertain to the material, at all. What we’re getting is a clumsy, out-of-step take that seems like it’s stumbling toward a poorly-phrased statement about the modern world.

Or something.

Watch this episode, "Asymmetry" here and decide for yourself, then read my write-up on the previous episode .

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This Gatchaman is really weird with it story but I give it that it has charm and has a message about a world with super heroes and modern devices.

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Older fans almsot always want similar experiance to what made them a fan in the 1st place.This show sucker punches the audiance makeing you think its this.. an then throwing that at you.Its gets fairly bloody goes into some dark places .An uses social media in a way that is befiting of a super hero show.

It even ( given time ) shows the good an the bad of social media.Would sa 70% of the episodes i have enjoyed for its difrent take on things an creative stylish animation .An when i think its this.. it keeps giving me that.Which is nice.I honestly can not predict where the show is going .

It has the potential to be a good watch an learn with much to discuss.Tho i get the feeling older fans hate it an i dont think its a total reinvitention .Even get the feeling it will tie into older stuff as it goes along.

Reguarding the "stumbling toward a poorly-phrased statement about the modern world." im not sure.Any one living in the modern world (an not a low information voter type) knows what the world is.Its screwed up.

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My only real exposure to this series was the "Eagle Riders" show on Saturday morning cartoons, so speaking as a relative newbie to this series it invokes a kind of anime nostalgia in me, but its not my taste.

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I'm new to the franchise. It was Marshal Victory who recommended this to me. I like it. Hajime reminds me of Akiho Senomiya when Marshal and Yotaru compared her. I keep looking at Hajime as Akiho.

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