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Really like GARGANTIA. However, GARGANTIA didn't already have a hit manga series like Attack on Titan did so that is where love of the Attack on titan show comes from. Still there both different shows so it isn't right to compare them.

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I like Titan more. Gargantia started off really cool and I thought it was awesome but by the end I thought it was just a solid series but one that I'll probably forget about by the time a US release comes out. The turning point for me was once the other mech showed up. The series kinda abandoned everything I enjoyed about it at that point. There was no more Ledo and Gargantia, the big reveal was abandoned, and even the possibility of what this civilization would do now that they had WMDs was trashed and all I got in return was heavy pro-Atheism, anyone following a religion is a murder psycho and/or a brain dead zombie proselytizing.

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Honestly I enjoyed Gargantia more than Titan. Animation-wise and maybe ever story-wise(since Titan is still on-going) , Gargantia was superior to it, at least imo. The pace in Titan has really slowed down after a point, which is ironic considering how fast paced was in the beginning. I'm afraid there isn't going to be much time left to show anything interesting in the end. As for the animation, with some exception has been average at best.

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Feel like there was a joke I missed in the beginning...oh and good job of being in two places at once! Irony of the discussion about the difference between american over sexedness and Japanese platonic affection given the sounds very treckian as well in that logic informed by emotions is what it means to be human.

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Just watched the first episode of Gargantia and I'm hooked, definitely should have checked it out sooner!

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I would never have checked out Gargantia without Tom and Sam's recommendation. I'm glad I did. I'll try and do some binge watching of the rest of the show this weekend like I did for Titan a few weekends back.

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I thought that it was a really good show, but it lacked the heart-pounding scenes that had me coming back to titan. Eventually it fell into obscurity between hunter x hunter and attack on titan for me. It had a really good thing going in the beginning, but I didn't like how the two main characters and lovers were separated. I assume they get back together, however I stopped watching.

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Ive not watch gargantia yet but I thought 'Hataraku Maou-sama!' was better than AoT

AoT has bad pacing and there is not enough action in each episode, id give it 7/10 so far.

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Attack on Titan's better. Gargantia started off strongly, then just quickly became boring for me. Then they started to go down the teenage boy meets teenage girl route and I was totally put off.

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@sickVisionz: Just finished series after reading the coments ya made here. While i think you an i would agree on pro-Atheism ( an probly also how its a religion to ) i dont see that here.

How i see it the cult fleet an Striker can well be represenative of big goverment as a god an people being forced into roles they dont want .Like the people on the chairs dumped into the sea who dont want to live no more.Sybolism of the empty suit leading a cult following seems more a comentary on govement social structure than religiious meaning.

I think preferance for Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet over Attack on Titan is short sighted. Tom should consider one show is over an the other is still ongoing.If i was to judge just the 1st 13 episodes of each tho ? Well their both amazing peices of creative use of animation story telling.Thats good enuff for me.No Coke vs Pepsi side takeing will deminish that.

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Heavy Spoilers Below

I love both Gargantia and Attack on Titan. I invested so much time in the wiki, the discussion, and the news. I'm going to be a bit wishy washy. I only put cons for now.



  • First few episodes were a bit slow since they build the world.
  • For people who loved romance, the pairing between Amy and Ledo is platonic. For me, there wasn't really much spark between the two. Yeah, Amy risked her life to speak with Ledo in the final battle while Ledo fought to protect Amy and Ledo.
  • Fanservice - Depends on your preferences. I don't mind the belly dancing. Folks dropped it after seeing the show wandering off.

Attack on Titan


  • Pacing around episodes 7-13 became slow due to the manga.
  • Inner Monologues tend to be drag as pointed out by Tom and the community
  • Animation because of budget - pointed out by RubberLuffy and YotaruVegeta - You can see it in episode 13.

I loved Attack on Titan more than Gargantia during the beginning. ATT was more action packed. It had one of the best first episodes in the spring season. It got me hooked on. Gargantia left me asking for more. For the latter episodes, I enjoy Gargantia more than ATT despite that ATT is still ongoing). Gargantia had executed in bring surprises better than ATT . ATT spooked everyone by killing off Eren, but everyone knew Eren was still alive.

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