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Oh, the irony. I’m finding that slice-of-life shows are just as much a challenge to do episode-by-episode's on, even when they involve high tech space suits. (Then again, that’s probably the same lesson I learned with SPACE BROTHERS). When you take ongoing, life-or-death conflict out of a show, it’s simply tougher to sink your teeth into anything, speculation wise - - even if you are enjoying everything you’re watching.

GARGANTIA has a couple shoes hanging over its head, sure. Will the pirates return for some bloody reprisals? Will Ledo be yanked back into the war against the space squid? Still, my gut’s telling me that, in the long view, the only real points of tension here will be over this boy opening up about his feelings to Amy; and then his decision to stay on this barge or leave it. Surely, that will pack plenty of emotional oomph, but it still isn't something you can posit too many theories about.

With that in mind, I’d now like to address the related topic of T&A (being that which otaku insist on calling ‘fan service’) since some of you lunatics were having some fun over me finally enjoying an obligatory beach party episode last time. Amy and her girlfriends ran around in bikinis for most of that episode, and they belly dance for a good portion of this one, too. Is it gratuitous?

Well, putting aside any notion that their dresses are simply just appropriate in a tropical setting, I don’t think it’s gratuitous in the way that a lot of anime's T&A is because it’s never handled like some attention-grabbing special effect. There are no tight, slo-mo close-ups tracing Amy’s dangerous curves, there are no upskirt shots on her crotch, there’s no running gag about Ledo popping a boner when he’s around her (which is what nosebleeds are really about, alright?) and, shock of shocks, Amy actually has the proportions of a real human being. She isn’t some grotesque caricature with a pair of water balloons strapped to her chest.

This isn’t a fine line of difference, here. It’s a number of ‘stylistic choices’ that have been tastefully avoided, and I really wish more shows would have such tact.

I’m not looking to start a deep discussion here, but we can have a talk. Do you concur?

Watch this episode, “Festival" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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You pretty much nail where T&A (Fan Service) can work in a show.

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No reason for T&A not to work has for years in main stream tv.Tho last episode it didnt feel fan service like to me.Usualy as noted the camera is um angled in odd ways like a mirror stuck to shoe.Or suden poster pose apears for no reason.Or the cloths take al the damage angle.

Not much worse than I Dream of Jeannie for the most part .Seriously people who confuse fan service or T&A with this or push it to exreme an call it porn are welcome to their opion .Cause i sure dont share it.

Tho a mistake is made here. This is not a slice of life show .This is Spring 2013 suckerpunch season an this show will have one.I belive ones coming.Think meta gma plot wise slice of life parts is the left hook that makes the veiwer care a bit about these people.But the real sucker punch i think will come 3 to 4 episodes.

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You'd think by episode 6 I would have some idea where the show is going, but not with this one.

And yeah, I considered the bikinis in episode 5 and the belly dancing in episode 6 to be some sort of fan service, but fan service exists in many forms of media so I won't complain too much. It's the panty shots, breast bouncing, and disproportionate depictions that make me dislike the kind of fan service that anime and manga provide.

At least Amy looked respectable while doing her dance.

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When they say festival, I was thinking full on festival with booths, dancers, and cultural exhibits. It was a small bar gathering with girls aged below 18 dancing and shaking those hips.

It was a good episode. I enjoyed the scene where Amy was dancing for Ledo.

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"I’m finding that slice-of-life shows are just as much a challenge to do episode-by-episode's on" well i think i got one that could be done just on what one of the main characters says an thinks. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU at least Hachiman Hikigaya says many things worth discussing ... or at least noding heads in aproval. Hes almost a complete anti Ledo .

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@metalsnakezero said:

You pretty much nail where T&A (Fan Service) can work in a show.

quoted for truth

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@metalsnakezero: @zaldar:

Even though the fan service is tame, I couldn't say the same goes for these end cards I find.

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Hey, if it makes sense in context and doesn't make me feel awkward watching it, all is good.

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I think that a show like this easily could go for titillation, but as it is, it doesn't do T&A in the gratuitous way that most anime do.

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been watching this anime, i love it so much!

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