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+500 XP to YotaruVegeta for calling the twist about Kugel.

Beyond the initial shock, it’s actually a rather heady twist. The implication is that Striker’s “attitude motivator,” or whatever it’s called, has essentially been re-animating Kugel’s corpse like a frog stuck up with electrodes. At first, it may have seemed like a tactical mistake for Ledo to step out of his mech and show these people that he was actually a human being instead of, say, a mech god. He likely would’ve encountered less resistance during his crusade against the Hideauze, wouldn’t he?

Now, it’s clear that Ledo’s decision saved both his corporeal and spiritual life. There’s a pretty direct metaphor here about how emerging from Chamber coincided with Ledo starting to make his own choices. The fact that this cult-leader persona seems to be the warped creation of that “attitude motivator,” and that it leads to Kugel’s hideous decay, is a rather extreme illustration of what would happen to Ledo if he didn't start thinking for himself. Push that metaphor on to the cultists themselves, who aren’t thinking either, and a larger satirical point for this series comes into focus.

(Also, I got to say - - the fake-out about Amy’s little brother getting dumped in the sea was a heart-wrencher. I had to pause and logically take myself through the steps of realizing it was an innocent who resembled the kid, not the kid himself).

Hard to believe we’re on the penultimate episode here. The show doesn’t have actually have many loose ends left to tie up, but I’m unsure if it’ll be able to tie them up satisfyingly. Ledo’s assorted visions of Amy brings up a common problem for stories of starcrossed lovers. By nature of the plot, they have to be separated from most of the running time - - but the longer they’re apart, the more we lose sight of their connection as an audience.

Will their (presumable?) consummation next episode seem like it was earned?

Watch this episode, “Moment of Decision" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Too bad I can't predict how the show will end. I just feel that we'll have a climactic mecha battle, Ledo will stay in this time (I don't think he has any way to get back yet anyway), and all's well. Maybe there will be a sacrifice? I don't think that's likely.

So what I wonder is if Ledo's presence in the present affects the future? Will we learn how time travel works here? What I really want to know is why the future humans are all gray haired. Are they cosmically inbred?

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You're pretty on the ball with your predictions.

Those last questions I'm afraid go unanswered about time travel and Ledo's people.

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I'm up for a big mech fight next episode. It was messed up how Striker brainwashed its followers when the people just dumped their elderly and sick into the sea. I doubt we get any new information about the Hideauze.

I think the ending is going to be like a happy ending. Ledo spending family time with the Gargantians. It looks like it. Regarding YotaruVegeta's statement about sacrifice, we talking about Gen Urobuchi. Gen Urobutcher - who is known for his surprises. Someone will die in the finale. That's my prediction. I'm thinking Pinion since he is the same voice actor as Kamina from Gurren Lagann. He is pretty stubborn.


Here an image:

Gen the Butcher
Gen the Butcher
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@YotaruVegeta: Variance might be seen as a form of weekness .

The whole empty suit politicaly speeking strikes a probable unintended pose.The cult like fleet reminded me of warhammer 40k in many ways.

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@takashichea: That's a fucked up (and awesome) image!

So Gen is the Joss Whedon of anime.

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