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Adult Onion Alien

The father of the Child Onion Alien. He kills several Gantz hunters in the first mission

Akira Kurono

Kei's younger brother who is a member of the vampires trying to kill the Gantz members.

Anzu Yamasaki

Anzu is a member of the Gantz Osaka Team who took place in the Nurarihyon Mission. She develops feelings for Kato during the mission and sacrifices her life to save him. Eventually the Nerdy Virgin earned enough points to bring her back to life.

Boss Bird

The Tanaka-Seijin boss

Brachiosaurus Alien

The boss Alien from the fifth Gantz Mission that was disguised as Brachiosaurus.


A young girl who was turned into a vampire by Hikawa. She participated in the Nurarihyon mission with Hikawa after they grabbed the players returning back to the Gantz room.

Fra Rarada

Fra Rarada is a female alien that is kidnapped by Kei Kurono in the Gantz manga series.

Grumpy Alien

The green alien in the third mission.

Hatanaka Hiroshi

A Yakuza member, he is killed in the first mission


One of the 4 leaders of the vampire that wish to kill all the Gantz members.

Hiroto Sakurai

One of the others who was caught in Izumis killing spree in Shinjuku. But Unlike the others he and his Sensei chose to stand an fight but were gunned down.

Hoi Hoi

A Panda that was sent to the Gantz Room. Why he is there is unknown.


He is the blond guy shown at the first mission, who kept asking for cigarettes in the Gantz room.


He is a black belt martial artist. He manages to kill several aliens in the third Gantz mission.

Joichiro Nishi

Joichiro Nishi a.k.a. The Lone Wolf is a knowledgeable veteran of Gantz. He's also the first person Kurono, Kato and kishimoto meet who has knowledge of the game. Unfortunately for them he's not always willing to help them being the arrogant , judgmental , loner that he is.

Jyuzo Togo

He is the sniper in the third mission.

Kappe Alien

The fifth Gantz Target. Was assisted by Aliens disguised as Dinosaurs.

Kaze Daizaemon

A fighter from the countryside who came to Tokyo looking for the ultimate opponet. Kaze was killed during the Shinjuku massacre and sent to the Gantz Room. He is the only member who uses no weapons just his fists.

Kei Kishimoto

Kei Kishimoto is a member of the first Gantz team shown in the manga and the Anime, and remains a main character in the series until she dies in the third mission

Kei Kurono

The main hero of the Gantz Franchise.

Kenzo Sakata

Masanobu Hojo

Masaru Kato

Part of the gantz manga/Anime

Miho Nakayama

Miho Nakayama is Nobu's girlfriend and member of the Osaka Team.

Miyafuji Kiyoshi

He is seen in the third Gantz mission. His mind is absorbed by Kannon

Numata Haruya

Another biker gang menber. He is killed by the boss bird.

Onion Alien

The target in the first Gantz mission

Raptor Alien

One of the Aliens disguised as Dinosaurs during the fifth Gantz mission.

Reika Shimohira

Popular model who became member of the Gantz team. Seeing his heroics she fell in love with Kei. She never appeared in the anime.


He is the perverted dog in the Gantz room.

Ring Alien

The sixth Gantz Target.

Rowdy Alien

The red alien in the third mission

Sadayo Suzumura

Sadayo was a gantzer and a stalker of the male model Masanobu Hojo.

Sei Sakuraoka

Sei Sakuraoka has died in a motorbike accident before being saved by Gantz. She's not very prude and she's the first girl Kei Kurono has slept with.

Shion Izumi

A student who transferred to the same school Kei Kurono attends. It is revealed he is a survivor of Gantz but wants to continue playing the game.

Short Alien

The alien seen in the fourth Gantz Mission. They were 10 of them but Kei was able to kill nine. The surviving leader tracked Kei to his school and murdered his whole class.

Sumiko Yamada

Sumiko Yamada is Miho's friend and member of the Osaka Team.

Suzuki Goro

He is an old politician. He died from cancer before arriving to the Gantz room.

T-Rex Alien

One of the Aliens disguised as Dinosaurs during the fifth Gantz mission.

Tae Kojima

Kei Kurono's girlfriend and main reason he wants to live.

Takeshi Koumoto

A young boy who was killed by his mothers boyfriend. He was then transported to the Gantz room and saw Kaze as his make believe hero called "Muscle Rider"

Tanaka Alien

The target in the second mission


The Zoku Biker Gang leader. He is seen in the second mission

Triceratops Alien

One of the Aliens disguised as Dinosaurs during the fifth Gantz mission.

Yamada Masashi

He is an school teacher. He is seen in the first mission.

Yoshikazu Suzuki

Suzkui otherwise known as "Old Man" was one of the people Izumi killed during the Shinjuku Massacre. After the Massacre he is teleported into Gantz. He has been one of the mainstays in the manga since then.

Yoshioka Kiyoshi

One of two Yakuza who arrived in the Gantz room before the start of the first mission

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