Anyone going to see Gantz on Jan 20?

Topic started by Obsidian609 on Jan. 20, 2011. Last post by Obsidian609 4 years, 2 months ago.
Post by Obsidian609 (260 posts) See mini bio Level 20
So anybody on the site going to see Gantz tonight?
Post by ZombiePie (862 posts) See mini bio Level 15
The independent theater where I live is playing it, but it's airing at around midnight so fuck that. Midnight premieres just aren't worth it anymore. That and I think the movie looks like junk but sleep is the bigger issue here for me.
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I would, but the nearest one screening to me is San Fransisco, and that is 4 hours and 300+ miles away :(
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Just came back from seeing it.
It was...horrible.  The action scenes were ok, but everything else was just constant dialogue and staring.  The dialogue was poorly written, several plot points were announced that had nothing to do with the plot at all, or were absurd at best, and the dub was a mixture of terrible acting and constant pauses in the middle of the dialogue due to the differences in Japanese and English.  A better scriptwriter would have done small re-writes to try to fill the time in between parts of the dialogue, but this movie had large pauses in mid sentence for almost every line spoke.
$12.50 wasted.
Post by Daroki (86 posts) See mini bio Level 9
Disagree with you completely vlaphor.  I loved it.  Good job of mixing up enough violence and gore to make it connected to the source, but not so much that it felt like they were exploiting it.  I feared the latter with the cast they assembled, but they pulled it off much better than I expected.   
Only real gripe is that Kei's journey to 100 points is a given now, the moral dilemma of what to do when he gets there is too good to pass up, which is going to make the tension of the journey not that great.  The voice acting wasn't great, I would have rather seen it subtitled, but it's fine for what it was, which was MUCH better than Death Note's live action film.
Post by Obsidian609 (260 posts) See mini bio Level 20
Just got back from watching it and I was impressed. The only thing I couldn't stand was the bad dubbing job.
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