Gantz is a franchise comprised of 2 movies, 2 anime series, 1 manga series
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Gantz is a story about the afterlife...well sort of. When a person dies they move on to heaven or hell...sometimes. Sometimes they move onto something called Gantz [A purgatory like state]. The main characters must survive a game called Gantz in able to become one with the living.

Kei Kurono is a high school student who dies in a train accident whilst attempting to save a homeless person who has fallen onto the subway tracks. He wakes to find himself in a room with a group of people from a variety of different backrounds and a single large black ball known as Gantz. It turns out that everyone inside the room has also died and now has to take part in a semi post-humous "game" where he and the other recently deceased have to hunt down and kill aliens within a time limit.

After these hunts each participant is awarded points based on how many aliens they have killed. Participants who are killed during a "mission" are dead forever, while people who manage to reach 100 points are freed from the room's games and can return to thier former lives.
General Information Edit
Name: Gantz
Name: ガンツ
Romaji: Gantsu
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