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Gantz Suit is a anime/manga thing
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A suit that the persons playing "Gantz" must wear if they are to survive the mission. The suit adapts to the users body and form.

Gantz Suit Specs and Information

When in the "Mission Room" a large spherical ball(Gantz) will give the players their mission and open up, revealing three spring out compartments. The one in the back  holds a case with each persons name or nickname on it. Each case holds a suit that is specifically tailored to that person's body no matter how big (or small) the person. Not only that, the suit is only functional for the person it is made for, as wearing another person's suit will not give you the same protection and augmentations to strength and speed that it gives to its owner. The suit is made up of several pieces, with a bottom part similar to an armless wetsuit with the top part fitting over the arms and neck. In addition to these two main parts, there are shoes and gloves that go along with these, all clipping together through a buckle-like connections. The suit is difficult to put on as it is skin tight, requiring the wearer to be completely naked to put it on. However, with the suit on  the wearer's speed, strength, and defensive capabilities are enhanced to superhuman degrees.

The suit is slim enough to fit underneath normal clothing and done so frequently. Gantz has also shown that it creates suits for all hunters in the game, even those of another species as evidenced by the suits worn by a dog and panda. The suit is essentially a way to exponentially increase your survival rate within the game, as it is nearly impossible to survive without it.
Example of having suit underneath cloths.
Example of having suit underneath cloths.

Outside Appearance and Function

Front View of Gantz suit, with "caps" visible
Front View of Gantz suit, with "caps" visible
The suit functions much like a suit of armor. The suit protects all parts of the users body, including the uncovered head through some unknown means. Bullets to the head can be survived if the suit is still at 100% functionality. Attacks that are received while the suit is on are extremely lessened, so much so that attacks such as gun shots and punches will affect the suit and wearer very little. However, substantially powerful attacks can still be damaging or may even break or bypass the suit altogether. Also, even conventional weapons such as assault rifles can damage or even potentially break a suit if continually attacked. Upon being broken, the "caps" on the suit, which contain the liquid which power the suit in addition to showing the status of the suit, will rupture and the suit will be as useful as ordinary clothing.

The suit also serves as a weapon which will exponentially increase the wearer's strength, allowing the wearer to take on some foes with just their suit. As the wearer reaches the limit of the suits strength enhancement, the suit will will bulk up and look similar to muscles. The suit also aids in speed enhancement, allowing users to run at higher speeds than without the suit. Jumping is also greatly increased with the suit on, with the shock of the landing absorbed by the shoes. If the user gives their suit ample time to recover from attacks their suit can last indefinitely.

Showing that lasers....bad
Showing that lasers....bad
The suits weaknesses are primarily high powered lasers and certain types of swords, which which are shown to bypass the suit altogether if sufficiently powerful. In addition to this, some foes have used acid to bypass the suit's protective qualities, burning through the suit and user. Along with these weaknesses the suits "caps" can be targeted specifically to break the suit's abilities where they are located or if the neck "caps" are targeted, break the suit altogether.
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Thing Name Gantz Suit
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1st manga book: Gantz #1
1st anime episode: Gantz #1
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