Ganta Igarashi

Ganta Igarashi is a anime/manga character in the Deadman Wonderland franchise
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The only survivor of a massacre by the Red Man. This gets him framed and imprisoned in Deadman Wonderland, where he learns that he is a Deadman.


Shiro and Ganta spent time with one another as children
Shiro and Ganta spent time with one another as children

Ganta Igarashi was born in Tokyo and grew up in the city as his mother was employed by a major medical company. Because of this, he went to work with her often due to the work schedule of his father. It is through his interactions at the medical facility that he meets Shiro for the first time. She is a bit withdrawn due to her limited interactions with people. However, he shows her kindness and they become friends. Ganta spends his time at the facility there, witnessing her strength and power through their playing. Although Shiro saw Ganta as weak, he always went back to play.

On the day of the Great Tokyo Earthquake, he was exploring the medical labs when he came across Shiro, who had adopted her alternate personality of the Red Man to deal with the pain of being experimented on. Witnessing the slaughter that she lays out by her hands, he runs in fear, finding his mother as he is evacuated. Ganta is told to live with his father until the mess with Shiro is taken care of. However, due to the stress of the situation, he made himself forget about the trauma as he has no memories of Shiro whatsoever. After the Earthquake, he lives with his father in Japan as the country works to rebuild itself, the super prison Deadman Wonderland going up where Tokyo once stood. When the series begins, Ganta has lost his memories of Shiro and his time spent in what was once Tokyo.


Deadman Wonderland Vol. 1 JPN (Sep 2007)
Deadman Wonderland Vol. 1 JPN (Sep 2007)

Ganta Igarashi was created by Jinsei Kataoka and Kazuma Kondou, who wrote and illustrated the manga respectively, to serve the purpose of protagonist for the series Deadman Wonderland. The series first began serialization in Kadokawa Shoten Shōnen Ace magazine in July 2007.

His character design is largely based on Renton Thurston, the main character of Eureka Seven due to the fact that Kataoka and Kondou worked on the Eureka Seven manga. His anime counterpart was created by Koichiro Hatsumi who directed Deadman Wonderland. Ganta makes his first appearance in Chapter 1: 'Who Killed Cock Robin?' of the manga and Episode 1: Death Row in the anime. He is voiced by Romi Paku in the anime; for Funimation, he is voiced by Greg Ayres.

Character Evolution

Ganta always fights for his friends and for what is right
Ganta always fights for his friends and for what is right

In the beginning of the series, Ganta is seen as a bit of a weakling as he is easily beaten up time and time again. However, Shiro points out that one of Ganta's strongest features is that he never gives up. This is shown to be true numerous times throughout the series. He also cares deeply for anyone he calls his friend, going so far as to sacrifice himself to save anyone that is in danger. Even though he has been taken advantage of, he is able to emerge on top and help those around him grow stronger as well. Some times it takes a few tries for him to show others how good of a person he is.

When he first is sent to Deadman Wonderland, Ganta is worried and crushed that all the people he cares about are dead, having nothing to live for. He has a strong desire to make the Red Man pay for killing all of his friends but finds solace in the new friends he makes while imprisoned. Ganta also has to deal with the psychological and physical trauma of being in prison as this new reality is a cruel home that he resides in, knowing that he has to fend for himself and follow the rules. Even when he is moved to the G-Ward, he tries to forget about the bad times but fights to stay alive.

When Deadman Wonderland is shut down due to the true nature of the prison being revealed, Ganta is put on parole and moves into an orphanage. Even though he is a free man, he is no longer the bright eyed young man he used to be, his experiences in prison changing him for the worst. When he is given the opportunity to go back to the park, he takes the opportunity as he has changed drastically and wants to end his feud with Shiro once and for all. Even when he gets to the park, he finds that his kindness and honesty won't let him harm her.

Major Story Arcs

Welcome to Deadman Wonderland

In the beginning of the series, Ganta is a regular middle school student as he waits for the class trip to Deadman Wonderland, complaining on going to a prison. While he talks with his friends, a mysterious man bursts through the window and kills everyone in the class except him. Ganta faces this man, who he calls Red Man, as a red stone is embedded in his chest. Passing out and waking up in the hospital, Ganta is tried for mass murder with Tamaki Tsunenaga representing him. He is found guilty and sentenced to death for murdering his class, something that leaves him in disbelief.

As he enters the prison, he is greeted by Grand Chief Makina and Kasuga Kyoko of the prison security. Takami You runs into Ganta, stealing his candy as Makina attacks him for this. Ganta is still stunned by everything, wishing to die. Shiro bursts through his cell window, stating that what he said is a lie. Later in the courtyard, Ganta is working on the labor duty as the higher ups of the prison have planned to kill him later that day. After dealing with some thugs that attack him and Shiro, a bomb goes off as large debris falls on to Ganta. He is able to use a mysterious power to blast the rubble to dust. Ganta wonders what he just did as he runs into Azami Mido the next day who helps him understand parts of the prison. However, when Ganta sides with Kouzuma, a bully of the prison, he is seen in ill eyes by other prisoners.


Because he is a deadman, Ganta has the ability to morph his blood. His Branch of Sin, Ganta Gun (personally named by Crow), is a dense cluster of blood that may have devastating effects. Its destructive capacity depends on Ganta's emotions. For example, when Ganta sees the Red Man holding the head of Asami, Ganta launches a massive attack. Ganta has trained with Senji in order to have his attacks break the sound barrier because he wants to defeat the Undertakers who have the worm eater in their weapons. Worm Eaters nullify most Branch of Sin attacks, and to bypass it, Ganta must fire bullets of blood faster than the speed of sound.

For weaknesses, Ganta can lose blood fast when he uses his Branch of Sin frequently. He can suffer the symptoms of anemia.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Greg Ayres
Romi Paku
General Information Edit
Name: Ganta Igarashi
Name: 五十嵐 丸太
Romanji: Igarashi Ganta
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Deadman Wonderland #1
1st anime episode: Deadman Wonderland #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Woodpecker
Recent Movies
Deadman Wonderland: Red Knife Wielder (OVA)

An OVA that features Senji's past

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