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Gankutsuou is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Albert Morcerf

Albert is one of the main characters of Gankutsuou. He and his best friend Franz D'Epinay meet The Count of Monte Cristo at the carnival in Luna, later introducing him to three of Paris' most powerful families. Unknown to him, it is all a ruse for revenge.

Andrea Cavalcanti

Andrea Cavalcanti's true identity is Bendetto, an abandoned, illegitimate child from the affair of Villefort and Madame. Danglars. A criminal the Count of Monte Cristo rescued from execution. He is funded and introduced to Parisian society as a Marquis by the count. He is crude,cunning and flamboyant.


Edmund Dantes

Better known as the Count of Monte Cristo, he was betrayed by his best friend and sent to live in exile, only to come back and take revenge on those who had wronged him

Eugenie Danglars

The Fiance of Albert, daughter of Victoria and Baron Danglars. Her dream is to play her piano at a concert and worldwide. She is distressed over her father's obsession with money and her mother's affair with her friend, Lucien DeBray.

Fernand Morcerf

He is the father of Albert Morcerf and husband to Mercedes Morcerf. To others he's a hero but really he is a coward who committed unethical crimes in Janina during his military career. Also, he conspired with Danglars to frame Dantes for a crime he (Dantes) didn't commit.

Franz Epinay

He and Albert have been best friends since childhood and met at the funeral of Franz's father. He is the more mature of the duo and always looks out for Albert, even if it means risking his life.

Gerard Villefort

The Crown Prosecutor of Paris who is known for his harsh rulings in court. He has a (second) wife, daughter and stepson, but has a strained relationship with his father, Noirtier. He once had an affair that resulted in an illegitimate child which he buried alive. He falsely imprisoned Edmond Dantes.

Giovanni Bertuccio

A loyal servant/bodyguard of the Count of Monte Cristo.

Haydee Tebelin

A former Princess from Janina, she was sold into slavery after her father was betrayed and murdered. She was rescued by The Count of Monte Cristo, whom she has deep feelings for, and tries to save him from being completely consumed with revenge.

Jullian Danglars

During his youth, he was the purser for Mr.Morrell's ship. He conspired with Ferdinand Mondego (now Morcerf) to frame Edmond Dantes for a crime he (Dantes) didn't commit. He is greedy and will stop at nothing to become wealthier and is obsessed with money.

Lucien Debray

A good friend of Albert and is the Interior Secretary of the government. He is one of the many lovers of Victoria Danglars.

Maximilien Morrel

A soldier and the son of Mr.Morrel, the former employer of Jullian Danglars, Fernand Mondego (Morcerf) and Edmund Dantes. He is in love with Valentine Villefort, but is disapproved by Valentine's father due to his position.


A member of the bandit Luigi Vampa's troupe and later finds work as a servant in the Morcerf house (much to Albert's surprise). She seduced Albert on the last night of carnival at Luna, points a gun on him and takes him to Luigi Vampa's lair, only to defend him.

Raoul Renaud

Thomas Beauchamp

A friend of Albert and a reporter for the Parisian newspaper. He investigated and brought Fernand Mondego (Morcerf)'s past crimes in Janina to light. He once interviewed The Count of Monte Cristo, but found later on there were no recordings and photos of the count.

Valentine Villefort

The daughter of Crown Prosecutor Gerard Villefort and step-daughter of his second wife Heloise and step-sister to Eduoard. She is in love with Maximillen Morrell, but her father disapproves due to Maximillien being a soldier. She has a close relationship with her invalid grandfather, Noirtier.

Victoria Danglars

The wife of Baron Jullian Danglars and mother to Eugenie Danglars. Unlike her husband, she has limits to pursuing more wealth and refuses to sell her prized horse, Eclipse. She has many lovers and one of those affairs resulted in the birth of an illegitimate child.

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