Ganguro Characters

Ganguro is a anime/manga concept
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Arisa Uchimura

Arisa Uchimura is a Gangoru that Tanpopo befriends at the school. She eventually joins the garden club.


One of the main characters from the .hack games. Blackrose started playing the world in order to find her little brother who is in a coma after playing the world. She meets Kite and joins him on his quest.


Gloria is the money-hungry champion marksman of Nereids.

Kanako Sumiyoshi

Kanako Sumiyoshi is the childhood friend of Junpei Kosaka in the Nyan-Koi! series.

Mayumi Wakabayashi

The Young girl at the center of the madness in Foxy Nudes.

Miki Fujiwara

Miki Fujiwara, a bespectacled girl who work at a dating club, takes an interest on Kouta's unfinished manuscript, even proclaiming herself as "number-one fan".

Nakuru Narumi

Busty cat-eared ganguro student that spies on Kinjiro and Subaru. Chairman of the "Let's warmly protect Subaru-Sama committee".

Nami Komatsu

Nana's younger sister.

Natsuki Moriyama

Originally a bully to Fuuka Yamagishi but eventually becomes good friends with her. She serves as Fuuka's emotional support throughout the game.


Shinobu Komatsu

Shinobu Komatsu is the #11 Goalie of the Fujioka High School Girls' Lacrosse Team.

Takiko Takeda

Takiko Takeda is a member of the Higasaki High Beach Volleyball Club.

Yui Minamito

Neighbor and childhood friend of Junpei until she moved away to the countryside.

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