Xbox 360 game Steins; Gate gets its own anime

Topic started by YuiAsakawa on July 27, 2010. Last post by HeeroYuy 4 years, 8 months ago.
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There's really only one thing I knew about visual novel game Steins; Gate before this announcement that an anime was coming: that there's a really hot figure of Makise Kurisu from the game floating around out there that I saw and it made me think I really ought to check out the game. But maybe now I don't have to, because Anime Nation is reporting that an anime is coming, and that sounds a whole hell of a lot easier than importing the game to me.
The news was announced by the head of the 5pb. game production company, Chiyomaru Shikura . We don't have too much more info on it at this point, but in case you aren't familiar with it, the storyline tells a tale of teenagers living in Akihabara who modify a microwave to send text messages into the past and alter events. Soon they catch the attention of an organization also experimenting with time travel, and naturally, trouble ensues. 
It actually sounds pretty good to me, so I'll be waiting to see what news comes up about it next. Anyone play the game and have good things to say about it?
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Steins;Gate is also making its way to the PC from Nitro+, so hopefully a translation group will get to it quickly (or better yet it'll get picked up by a publisher for localization). Looking forward to seeing more from the anime.
From what I've gathered online, Steins;Gate is one of the more successful ADV titles to hit the Xbox 360 in Japan and featured a stellar voice cast. The visual style of the game is what drew me in as well as the sci-fi premise.
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I hope this is better than the Chaos; Head which ended up being light hearted than dark.
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This game was totally awesome even if it did have a tendency to break your head from the time jumps. If the anime is even 2/3 as good, it'll be a great show.
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