Game over?

Game over? is an anime episode of Level E that was released on 02/21/2011


The Color Rangers have leveled up and travel to a nearby castle where the king informs them that a General of the Demon King wishes to take his princess as his bride, even though the king refuses to give her away. However, the boys discover that Prince Baka has taken on the role of the Princess in the game. After smacking him around, the Prince reveals that the Demon King has grown faster than he expected when he first programmed him, so the only way to escape the planet Calvary is to defeat him. Just then, the General comes and takes the Princess away.
The Color Rangers fight their way to a holy shrine as the Prince is able to escape on a secret hoverboard. After taking refuge on top of the shrine, they find the Demon King transformed into a younger version of the Prince and ascends the steps to meet them at the shrine. He then tells the Color Rangers that he wants to be a "good" version of the Prince. The boys listen to his story, and then punch the Prince into the stratosphere. Eventually, he lets them ride home on his spaceship.
However, it seems even that ride comes with a catch: whenever all five boys are in the same room together, they are instantly teleported back to Calvary to fight in another RPG the Prince has created on that planet.

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Yoshihiro Togashi Original Concept Yoshihiro Togashi is a mangaka who is known for Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter. He is married to Naoko Takeuchi, the mangaka of Sailor Moon
Toshiyuki Kato Director


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