Gamblers and Gallantry - Fallen Angel

Gamblers and Gallantry - Fallen Angel is an anime episode of Samurai Champloo that was released on 08/05/2004

Fuu and the other two come to a standstill in a certain town, where the three decide to find some part-time work. Jin becomes a vendor pulling a cart, where a woman tells him she is set to begin working in the red light district starting the next day.


Plot Summary

Shino: It tastes awful
Shino: It tastes awful

On a rainy day, Jin strolls by on the bridge and informs the lady (Kohana) to pick a better spot to drown herself. Kohana explains that she was lost in thought and that she does not look sad. Elsewhere, Mugen loses his bet on a beetle fight. Jin arrives to an eel stand (Unagi) to get a job, and the same lady arrives to buy cooked eel. Jin tries to capture an eel but to no success. The young woman demonstrates that to catch an eel is to anticipate it. She states it's like a woman since if you used force, they'll only run away. As she cuts the eel, Jin tries to cut it with his sword. The business booms as she and Jin sold a lot of eels. Kohana realizes she just end up working for the whole day at Jin's stand. Jin cooks an eel for her, and Kohana comments on how bad Jin's cooking is. Before Kohana leaves, she tells Jin that this is her last day since she is going to work at a brothel tomorrow due to her husband's debt. Next day, Jin arrives to deliver an umbrella to Kohana who is behind a cage. He asks Kohana for her name, and she replies it's Shino. In the beetle fight, Mugen's beetle wins, and Fuu is surprised.

Shino: Please go home
Shino: Please go home

Still hanging in front of the brothel, Shino asks Jin why is he here and tells him to go away. After Shino goes away, the owner of the brothel asks Jin if he's interested in any of the girls. When Jin replies that he has no money, the owner sends his men to beat up Jin for window shopping. Elsewhere, Fuu counts the money, and Jin arrives and asks the two to loan him money, so he can buy a woman. Over at the brothel, Jin reveals his gold coin, and the owner welcomes him. Before Jin can enter, he has to give his swords. Meanwhile, Fuu is wondering about Jin, and Mugen finds it good news that Jin is interested in girls. He comments that he thought Jin was a homosexual. When Fuu mentions she is around, Mugen remarks that Fuu is flat as a board. Fuu replies that she looks slender, and when Mugen states that Fuu is jealous, Fuu tells him that lone wolfs like Jin are not her type. Over at the brothel, Jin chats with Shino who learns that Jin will leave town after the rain stops. Jin wishes he can stay here. Shino giggles at Jin's words; Jin asks Shino if she hate this job.

In Fuu's workplace, she hears the boss talking about a samurai with glasses has a thing for Kohana. He mentions that the woman was sold to him to cover her husband's debt. Jin tells Shino to leave this place with him. Shino states that he does not have enough money to buy her freedom. She tells him that her husband's gambling had cost her freedom. Shino asks Jin to go home. When her husband arrives and asks Shino to give him money, Shino refuses. Her husband slaps her when Shino tells her husband to give up gambling. Jin grabs and twists the husband's arms. Back at the lodge, Jin leaves, and Fuu asks Jin why is he doing this. Fuu thinks Jin is in love with her, and Jin tells her to travel with Mugen if he does not come back.

Over at the brothel, Jin tells Shino to pack her stuff and that there is a divorce temple that can protect her. Shino tells him that she will wait for him, and when Jin reminds her the first time they met, Shino confesses that she would have committed suicide if Jin had not met her. The owner enters the room to find Shino and Jin running away. In town, Jin realizes that he has left his swords, and he resorts to hand to hand combat. Fuu and Mugen rushes to save Jin. Mugen buys some time, and at the river, Shino's husband arrives to persuade Shino to come back to him. However, Shino states that she is getting back her life and throws money at him. When more men arrive, Jin pushes the boat away. Shino thanks him, and Jin kills the men easily. He looks back at Shino who is shedding tears.

Points of Interest

  • The woman's name is originally Shino, but the boss calls her Kohana.
  • Mugen names his beetle, Rodriguez.
  • Mugen thought Jin was a homosexual because he does not think that Jin had any interest in women.
  • Shino is the wife of a textiles merchant.


  • Shino: "That's the price of the woman who used to be your wife."


  • Japanese Name: "Daraku tenshi" (堕落天使)
  • Opening Theme: "Battlecry" by Nujabes feat. SHINGO2
  • Ending Theme: "Shiki no Uta (Song of the Seasons)" by Minmi

Characters & Voice Actors

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Shinichiro Watanabe Director Anime director.
Kazuto Nakazawa Character Artist/Designer Animator, illustrator and director.


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