Gamble is an anime episode of Blue Exorcist that was released on 07/31/2011


Mephisto is on trial with the Council of Gregori due to his conspiracy of raising the son of Satan with Fujimoto; Yukio, Sheimi, Ryuji, and others venture to Kyoto to find the Yoshikuni sword smith who can forge Rin's sword.

Plot Summary

Shiemi hugs Rin
Shiemi hugs Rin

As Yukio, Shura, and the students flee, they look back at the burning forest in blue flames. Rin tries to attack Mephisto, but Rin misses. He struggles, and his sword explodes right in front of him. Sending him in front of Yukio and the others. Before Yukio and Shura defend themselves, Shiemi rushes and hug Rin who utters her name. Rin collapses and faints while his blue flames disappear and his sword fall on the ground.


Arthur Auguste Angel appears on a roof as he talks about the blue flames and that infamous blue night. He introduces himself as the upper first class exorcist of the Vatican headquarters to the students. Shura explains that he is the new paladin, and Arthur asks Shura about why she did not follow her orders. When Arthur stares at Rin, he tells her that her orders are to eliminate Rin once she finds out that Rin is the son of Satan. Mephisto appears and greets Arthur. Arthur asks if Mephisto reveals his tail since the Council of Grigori finds out about his betrayal. Mephisto replies that he is not flaunting his tail.

Shura's sword
Shura's sword

Arthur talks to his sword, Caliburn, and unsheathes "her." Arthur vanishes instantly and reappears at Shiemi's location, and as he grabs Rin, Shura changes her sword (Calls it Slither). She attacks Arthur with Snake Fang, and Arthur gets behind her. With his sword in front of Shura's neck, he asks her why she protects Satan's son. When Shura denies, he asks her if she is doing to honor Fujimoto's will. Yet, Arthur receives orders from the council, and he asks Mephisto and Shura to come with him to a trial with the Council of Gregori. Yukio asks to come with them, but Mephisto tells him to take care of the students as he hands the sword to Yukio.

Council of Gregori
Council of Gregori

At the trial, the Grigori (a trio who have big hoods) asks Mephisto. Back to the students, Yukio explains that Rin is born of Satan and a human woman. When Konekomaru asks why Yukio does not have the flames, Yukio states that he checks himself periodically and that he is an ordinary human. At the trial, Mephisto states that he seal Rin's powers into the demon-slaying blade. Yukio states that three months ago, Rin cannot control his powers. Shiemi remembers when she first meets Rin who knocks down the demon repelling gate. She asks Yukio what will happen to Rin,and Yukio replies that Rin might face execution. After Shiemi thinks Yukio does not care, he tells her that he does and that they have to save Rin.

He's Satan's son! Why save him?
He's Satan's son! Why save him?

However, the demon-slaying sword is cracked, and Ryuji calls it the Kurikara which Yukio asks Ryuji if he knows something. Ryuji explains that sword is an heirloom of his temple. Shima asks Ryuji about Yoshikuni, and Ryuji explains that Yoshikuni is a place where the Kurikara was forged. Konekomaru asks why they are going to fix the sword and that Rin is the son of Satan. Yukio and Shiemi begs Ryuji and the others to show them the way. In the trial, Mephisto answers that he will use Rin as a weapon against Satan. The judge and the council are in disbelief while Arthur tells them to not believe Mephisto. Kamiki steps in and tells Ryuji to help Yukio and Shiemi. In Kyoto, Yukio uses his key to get them to Kyoto very quickly. Meanwhile, Takara looks at Bon for a moment.

The Yoshikuni leaves the house after forging the sword, and she sees Ryuji and his friends. Yoshikuni swordsmith rushes to hug Ryuji. In Rin's dream, he remembers eating with his friends. Suddenly, he is front of his sword where the shadows try to engulf him. once Rin grabs the sword, his arm burns in blue flames. As he screams, his demon form appears. In the trial, the Council talks about how demons are their enemies, yet they rely on demons' wisdom to fight other demons. It is stated that Mephisto served the Vatican for over 200 years.

Yoshikuni: Ryuji asks if he can marry me. He gave me a ring of Lotus.
Yoshikuni: Ryuji asks if he can marry me. He gave me a ring of Lotus.

Back in Kyoto, the 11th Yoshikuni explains that during the Edo period, a lot of women were swordsmith. Ryuji talks about how she strives to become the second famous female sword smith. She pulls Ryuji's ear, and she teases him about Ryuji asking to marry her in the old days. After examining the sword, the Yoshikuni explains that the sword is fixable, but it needs iron sand and the ritual to bless the iron sand with spiritual energy is long forgotten. Yukio asks her if there is any iron sand left, and Ryuji tells her that they should find the old nail since it survived the blue night. Yukio and his group head to another temple.

At the temple, Ryuji and Yukio heads inside to find the place empty. Shiemi, Shima, and Kamiki find a monk on the ground and several others. A buddha statue asks Ryuji why he is saving the son of Satan, and at the same time, a golden female statue asks Yukio the same thing. During their questions, the female statue tells Yukio is saving him because he is related to Yukio. When the statues' eyes glow, Yukio and Ryuji let down their guard. Shima appears and attacks the golden statue, but the statue knocks him back to the wall. Yukio regains his senses, and he tells the statue that he is afraid that his strength is not enough to protect his brother. Yukio shoots the statue and the black smokes leave the statue.

Mephisto's wager
Mephisto's wager

Kamiki and Shiemi find Ryuji. After Kamiki attacks, Ryuji regains his senses and tells the statue that he will not Rin die because of his dream. Ryuji defeats the demon with a chant. After that is over, Ryuji and Yukio discuss about how the demon, Mara, inhabit Buddha statues to attack people when their will falters. The monk hands Ryuji the nail. At the trial, the Council discusses that Mephisto's idea is risky, but they have no means to defeat Satan as well. Suddenly, Amaimon shakes the ground and breaks into the trial with several demons. The Council asks Mephisto if this is his doing, and Mephisto replies that he did not do anything. The Council sends Arthur with Shura following him to take care of Amaimon. Mephisto asks the Council to make a gamble if Rin is the savior of Assiah or the demon king of Gehenna. He asks them if they want to see Rin's powers.

Points of Interest

  • It appears Ryuji has a childhood crush on the Yoshikuni sword smith.
  • Mara is the demon who inhabits the Buddha statues.
  • Mephisto has served the Vatican over 200 years.

After the Credits

  • The Yoshikuni prepares to use the old nail to forge the Kurikara sword. As the ground rumbles, the camera focuses on Rin.


  • Japanese Name: "Kake" (賭)
  • Manga Chapter: Chapter 14 (Volume 4)
  • Opening Theme: "In My World" by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D
  • Ending Theme: "Wired Life" by Meisa Kuroki

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Kazue Kato Original Concept A writer, illustrator, and mangaka. Creator of the manga Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist).
Tensai Okamura Director He's the creator of Darker than Black and a director for many shows.
Takashi Kojima Key Animator Animator
Ryota Yamaguchi Writer
Hiro Maruyama Producer


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