Gamba's Adventure

Gamba's Adventure is an anime series
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When Chuta, a badly injured mouse, staggers off a ship in Tokyo Harbor, he bumps into out-of-towners Gamba and Bobo, who are at a party being given by Yoisho, the sailor-mouse. Chuta tells the local mice that he has escaped from Devil's Island, where Norio the evil ermine (white weasel) has crushed the mice with his reign of terror. Local tough-mouse Gamba rashly promises to help and leads a group of rodents on a long odyssey that eventually brings them to the island-they are hampered in the early stages by not actually knowing where it is.

Based on the novel Bokensha-tachi (The Adventurers) by Atsuo Saito, four 13-episode seasons were originally planned but only two were produced, leading to some frantic replanning after episode 14. In 1984, the TV series was edited into a movie for theatrical release, as Theatrical Version Gamba: The Adventurers: Gamba and his Friends (Gekijoban Gamba Bokensha-tachi Gamba to Nanahiki no Nakama.) Cutting out the subplots, Dezaki focused on the Noroi storyline. A new movie, The Adventure of Gamba and the Otter (Gamba no Kawauso no Boken) was released in theaters by TMS in 1991. Directed by Shunji Oga, written by Nobuaki Kishida, and with music by Hiroaki Kondo, the designs and Shunichi Suzuki's animation direction are faithful to the original. Manga tie-ins appeared in Yoiko and Shogaku 123 magazines.

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Name Gamba's Adventure
Romaji: Gamba no Boken
Publisher ?
Start Year 1975
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