Galein Musica

Galein Musica is a anime/manga character in the Rave Master franchise
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Galein Musica is the grandfather of Hamrio Musica.


Galein Musica is a master of his trade which is black smith. He is Shiba's friend, and crafted Shiba's Ten Commandments Sword for him. However, his famous reputation cost him his family's lives when he crafted the Beast Sword for Lance, a Demon Card Captain. Ironically, Lance kills Galein's family with the sword that Musica made. From that day, Galein vows not to make or repair swords, and he drinks constantly to drown his misery until Haru comes along.


Galein Musica, who is created by Hiro Mashima, is difficult for the author to create since he states that he has little background to draw blacksmiths. He is voiced by Tomomichi Nishimura in the Japanese version and Ralph Joseph in the English version.

Story Arcs

Musica Arc

Galein first meets Haru in a restaurant where he and Plue share a drink. After Haru gets Plue from Galein, Galein remembers Shiba, Plue, and an unknown blond woman. Galein gets a piggy back ride on Haru to his home. Galein and Plue still drink while Haru asks Galein to fix his sword. At first, Galein refuses until he sees the sword is the Ten Commandments. Even though Galein promises Haru that he will fix his sword in two days, he gives the sword to Lance's soldier, Bis.

Galein is fixing Haru's sword by preparing a strong core. Haru asks Galein to hurry, but Galein tells him to patient because the sword has to be perfect. Galein shares with Haru about how the beast sword (he created for Lance) killed his family. Before Haru leaves (in a flashback during Haru's battle with Lance), Galein tells Haru how the beast sword works.

During Haru's battle with Lance, Lance still has the upper hand on Haru after Plue snaps Haru out of his rage. Out of nowhere, Galein rushes to hold Lance still while Plue uses a chain to hold Lance's arm to prevent Lance from hurting Galein. Galein asks Haru to pierce the sword through him. As Lance's beasts are attracted to Galein's scent, Haru makes the decision to destroy Lance's Dark Bring instead. After Haru defeats Lance, Galein takes Haru's words to smack Lance. Galein finally forgives Lance for killing his family. Although Lance admits defeat and mercy, Galein sees Lance try to kill Haru. Haru who is still injured defeats Lance for good, and he uses explosion to destroy the sword. Galein finally sees the beast sword destroyed, and when the General Jade comes barging in, Galein and the others leave Lance's mansion. Galein tells Elie to give Haru mouth to mouth resuscitation, but Haru wakes up anyways. After Elie beats Haru, the gang celebrates with Galein drinking again.

After Musica rescues Plue, the two argue in the park. Galein hears their conversation about Haru asking Musica to admit that he is the grandson of Galein. Even though Galein and Hamrio share the same background, Galein asks Musica for his tattoo on his left arm. Musica shows his left arm which has tattoo, and this confirms Musica is not the grand son. However, Galein tells Haru that he knows Hamrio is his son, and he does not want Hamrio to worry about him. Galein tells Haru he is happy that Hamrio is alive.

Galein tells Haru, Elie, and Plue that he saw a shooting star (which may be the rave) falling in the north around the lands of falling stars.

Voiced by
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Tomomichi Nishimura
General Information Edit
Name: Galein Musica
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Rave Master #2
1st anime episode: Rave Master #3
1st anime movie:
Aliases Legendary Blacksmith
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