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Gale Glory is a anime/manga character in the Rave Master franchise
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Gale Glory is the father of Haru and Cattleya Glory and husband of Sakura Glory in the Rave Master franchise.


Flashbacks of Gale & King
Flashbacks of Gale & King

Gale Glory is King's best friend who started Demon Card with him. Also, Gale Glory and King are born on the same day just like their sons. After their relationship soured, Gale try to turn in his best friend to the authorities, but it ends in a tragedy where King's whole family and Demon Card members were murdered. King give Gale the same pain he has suffered when he kills Sakura Glory. Gale abandon his family due to his guilt for 15 years. He comes back to Tower of Din to finish unsettled business.


Gale Glory, who is created by Hiro Mashima, has no current information on what inspires the author to create him. He first appears in Episode 27 of Rave Master. His Japanese voice actor is Toshiyuki Morikawa, and his English voice actor is Steve Bulen.

Story Arcs

Tower of Din Arc

Gale Glory smiles
Gale Glory smiles

Gale Glory appears when Haru defeats the army of demons, and Gale slashes Haru. Although Haru does not understand, he attacks Gale. Gale pushes him aside which reveal the demon cyclops from before. Gale rushes to slash his sword with King's sword. As a result, a shockwave is produced. When King asks Gale about Haru's status as a Rave Master, Gale replies that he is surprised. Gale talks about the converging day and on that day, Dark Bring are created in a ritual called Enclaim. He reveals to Haru that it took 15 years to find the tower of Din. Suddenly, King uses Black Zenith on Gale which hits his shoulder armor. Gale listens to King's explanation about how the converging day connects Resha, the Rave, Demon Card, and the origin of the two Gales while the tower changes shape. After the tower finishes taking its form, Gale asks Haru to help him defeat King and, also, to trust him. Gale and Haru head inside the tower. Inside the tower, Gale notices Haru's stamina is low due to taking down the whole army of demons. He tosses Haru an elixir to restore his stamina. Gale and his son head up the tower. Meanwhile, King uses the Gate Dark Bring to summon the Five Palace Guardians to separate Gale and Haru. When the floor and the ceiling move, Haru and Gale are separated. Gale tries to punch through the wall until Haru tells him to move on without him. Gale listens to Haru's promise to help defeat King, and he heads to the top of the tower. Gale finds King and engage him in combat during Haru and his friends' battle with the Five Palace Guardians.

After Haru and the gang defeated the Five Palace Guardians, Gale is about to get blast by King's Black Zenith. At the last second, Haru saves Gale by using Rune Save to nullify King's attack. Gale and Haru continue their battle with King when King reveals his Decalogue's abilities that are similar to Haru's Ten Commandments. After Gale gets knocked back from King's Blue Crimson, the lightning strikes the tower which King announces the Enclaim for End of Earth Dark Bring has ended. Gale suffers a migraine, and King explains that End of Earth is inside Gale's head to Haru. Yet, King tells Gale a surprising fact that End of Earth activates the Overdrive when the holder dies. Gale realizes that he has wasted 15 years of not coming to visit his son and daughter at Garage Island due to fear of activating Overdrive. King explains to Haru Glory how he met Gale, how Gale's actions caused the death of his family, and how he killed Sakura Glory. (see origin above and episode 34-35 for full information).

Since Gale has caused King to suffer, King has killed his wife to teach him a lesson. King places the End of Earth Dark Bring in Gale's head, so Gale will live life in isolation. The flashbacks end, and Haru tackles King to tell him that his actions were not his fault. As soon as Haru states that he will fight to end all the fighting, Gale and Haru continue their fight. Yet, they experience difficulties when King uses a combo attack, Melforce and Desperado Bomb, on them. When Elie arrives to hand Haru the Rave of Combat, Haru hands the Rave to Plue which causes Plue to sleep. Gale watches Haru fight King, and Plue protects Haru from the Desperado Bomb attack. Haru finishes off King. Despite King has fallen down, he rises again to use Monster Prison. Gale and the others dodge King's energy blasts as King levels the tower. Gale and Haru attack King, but King knocks Haru unconscious. Gale saves his son's life and hands him to Elie. He tells her to leave with Haru. After Elie makes Gale promised her to live, Gale summons his technique, Hidden Sword of the Heaven. Although Gale's move burns King's hands, he cannot cut King down until Haru jumps back into the battle. Gale and Haru finish off King in one last blow. King stares at the sky, yet King continues to attack Gale and the others. Gale stops Haru and Elie from intervening, and King only taps at Gale's chest. He explains that King has lost all of his strength but not his fighting spirit. Gale confesses that he cannot kill Gale because he is his best friend.

King and Gale's last handshake
King and Gale's last handshake

King tells Gale to finish him, and that he still won the war since Haru and the others have to fight the Oracion Seis. When Gale refuses by throwing down his sword, King reveals his Warp Road, a Dark Bring, and he activates End of Earth. A overdrive occurs. Gale and the others realize what has happened, but King's words reassure them that Garage Island or Tower of Din is not hit by Overdrive. Instead, King has warp Overdrive to Demon Card Headquarters. Suddenly, King sheds tears and start to break his Dark Bring. Gale attempts to save King's life, yet King shatters his Dark Bring. As King confesses that it his fault and thanks Gale for ending the curse, Gale and King share their last hand shake. Gale bids King farewell, and he leaves with Haru, Elie, and Plue.

During the evacuation, Elie clears the falling rocks with her tonfas and Gale teases Haru about Elie and her large breasts. Haru denies that Elie is his girlfriend, but he agrees that Elie's breasts are big. Gale and Haru get into an argument when one of the two bad mouths the other. Elie stops to laugh, but a rock almost hits her until Let saves her. Let leads Gale and the others to safety. Gale thinks how amazing Haru is when he befriends a fallen enemy enough to get him to help. When Gale sees a dragon sigil, he jumps over to avoid stepping on it (bad luck or disrespectful if one step on a dragon sigil). Suddenly, Gale falls down with Haru jumping in.

Gale shields Haru with his body
Gale shields Haru with his body

Gale and Haru have no strength, yet the two continue to dig through the rubble to reunite. After Haru tells Gale about Cattleya and Genma, Gale has broken through the wall to reunite with Haru. Haru collapses due to the low level of oxygen. Gale smashes the wall which fresh air and light comes out. Gale falls down to Haru's side after he stumbles on his feet. Looking at the light, Gale tells Haru about the Symphonia legend of the Stellar Memories. He explains that this place has over a million stars, and that this place contains all of the answers. After his explanation, Gale proceeds to open the hole. He and Haru reach the top level where it is still brighter, but they are still under the tower. Suddenly the rocks fall, Gale shield Haru with his body, and he tells him that his son's life is more important than promises. Gale fulfills his wish as he finally did his role as a father.

Aftermath and Gale's death

Gale Glory's letter
Gale Glory's letter

Haru buries his father in the grounds of Ray Barrier City to avoid upsetting his sister in Garage Island. Gale's family photo flies out of his clothes which Elie has brought earlier. On the back of the photo, Gale's last words were read. Haru starts to cry, and he grabs Elie which causes her to cry as well. In Haru's dream, Gale reassures Haru that he will be in his heart forever. He tells Haru to pick a path out of the three, head home to Garage Island, find the Rave, or find Elie's memories. When Haru tells Gale that he will pick all the choices, he smiles and is proud of Haru.

Powers and Abilities

Gale is an expert swordsman like his son. His greatest technique is the Hidden Sword of the Heaven which burns blue. This technique cannot break Dark Bring, but it will inflict major damage to the strongest foes.


Gun to Gale's head
Gun to Gale's head

During Gale and King's flashbacks, the story is edited to tone down violence. The gun noises are converted from machine gun to laser noise. Some closes up of the guns are deleted. For Gale, the gun pointing to his head appears only in the Japanese version while it is deleted in the English version.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Toshiyuki Morikawa
Steve Bulen
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Name: Gale Glory
Name: ゲイル グローリー
Romanji: geiru guroorii
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Rave Master #27
1st anime movie:
Aliases Gale Symphonia Glory
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