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Galaxy Railways is a anime/manga concept
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The Galaxy Railways is a transit system that uses trains to travel amongst planets throughout the galaxy.


Galaxy Railways has established itself across the galaxy and has stations located on nearly every inhabited planet. The assets of the organization are protected by the Galaxy Railways Space Defense Force, a fully armed military organization.

Criminal Justice System

Galaxy Express 999

The following rules and regulations are based off of events taking place in the Galaxy Express 999 series. As with all works in the Leijiverse, these may not or may not be radically different than they appear in other works.


Unlike other forms of public transportation, the actual trains that make up the Galaxy Railways fall under the legal jurisdiction of the Galaxy Railways organization, rather than the current planet they are located on. Generally, the Galaxy Railways chooses not to extradite patrons who commit crimes while on other planets regardless of the seriousness of the crime. However, the individual train stations fall under the legal jurisdiction of the local governments meaning that arrest and prosecution by a foreign government is possible if a patron is caught while at a foreign planet's train station but not possible while they are aboard a Galaxy Railways train.

Prosecution of Crimes

Treated as a sovereign nation, the Galaxy Railways can punish criminals who have committed any crime by means up to and including execution with no trial required. For example, the punishment for boarding with a fake pass is execution, regardless of whether you were aware that you pass was fake or not.

Possession is Ten 10ths of the Law

If your pass is stolen from you while on a planet, you are not allowed to board a Galaxy Railways irregardless of whether or not employees of the system recognize you as a passenger. Despite the advanced computers that control the trains and the railways as a whole, there appears to be no computer database of patrons. Additionally, boarding with a stolen pass is completely acceptable and legal due to their being no verification of ownership. For example, an employee can clearly recognize that someone is not the person listed on the pass but they are bound by law to let that person board the trains as long as they possess a valid pass.

General Information Edit
Concept Name Galaxy Railways
Japanese Name: 銀河鉄道物語
Romaji Name: Ginga Tetsudou Monogatari
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Galaxy Express 999 #1
1st anime movie:
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