Galaxy Express 999 Locations

Galaxy Express 999 is an anime series in the Galaxy Express 999 franchise
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4D-3 is a planet that is covered by an atmosphere made of water.

Angry Planet

Anger is a planet filled with bitter and hateful people who are constantly getting into fights.

Armored Planet

The homeworld of an advanced race with technology more than 3,000 beyond Earth's.


Ballera is a hollow planet with very low gravity.


A planet literally ripped in half by war.

Black Knight

Black Knight is the name of the planet that the Black Knight owns and his residence. It is surrounded by a blackout gas which neither lets light through nor reflects it.

Capital of Rain

The Capital of Rain is a planet with never-ending rain.

Double Planet

A location in the Galaxy Express 999 series, the Double Planet is actually two planets that are connected by an energy field. The citizens of both planets are cyborgs.


A stop on the GE999 route.

Fog Planet

A malformed planet covered in fog.

Fossilized Planet

A rocky and barren planet devoid of life.

Ghost Colony

An abandoned artificial planet on the Galaxy Express 999 route.


Jewel is a pirate planet and the base of operations for Queen Emeraldas.

Kingdom of Repentance

A planet known for being safe and pristine.

Mariko's Firefly

Mariko's Firefly is a station along the Galaxy Express 999 route.


An industrialized planet with factories stretching for as far as the eye can see.


A dangerous planet occupied by cyborg professionals.

Mii-kun's Mansion of Life

A calm and peaceful planet that serves as the eternal resting place for dead animals.


Mirage is planet along the GE999 route of the Galaxy Railways.


Nuruba is a formless planet that is home to formless lifeforms. It is also a popular suicide spot for humans.

Planet That Sings Songs of Yesteryear

A stop along the GE999 route.

Planet of Dimensional Voyage

A planet that travels through dimensions destroying one planet after the other.

Planet of the Cowardly Elder

A desolate planet controlled by a ruthless and cowardly dictator.

Plated Planet

A wealthy planet where the citizens plate themselves in gold.

Sakezan Continent

A planet ran by a Tarzan-like man named Sakezan.

Snow Capital

A snow covered planet with rings of snow orbiting around it in a pattern similar to iron fillings around a magnet.

Spherical Housing Complex Planet

The SHCP is a stop on the Galaxy Express 999 route.

Sweet Sweet

A formerly beautiful planet that has been reduced to a battered wasteland due to greed.

Tombstone of Dead Leaves

The Tombstone of Dead Leaves is a stop along the Galaxy Express 999 route.


A bustling metropolis planet along the Galaxy Express 999 route.


A planet on the Galaxy Express 999 route.


The home planet of Hanako.

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