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I already covered what went on at Whiskey Media for 9-9-9, but what about the real world? I hear sometimes they have cool things, too. Sometimes.

 But are there 9 cakes?
 But are there 9 cakes?
Otaku USA editor Patrick Macias documents a couple of events celebrating the day as a holiday for fans of Galaxy Express 999 (for obvious reasons), including a new pachinko game and a cake. Gigazine has word of a 999-second (~16 minutes, 39 seconds) Galaxy Express 999 film that was played in Kagoshima Prefecture, the "prefecture closest to space" (because it houses Japan's big space-dev center, Tanegashima Space Center). The film was written by Leiji Matsumoto, of course. Yay!

And the Mainichi has photos of a special Galaxy Express 999 train (above) that ran through Shizuoka at 9:09:09am on 9/9/9. That's a whole lotta freakin' 9s.

And yes, I will be seeing the film 9 tonight. Yay!
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As a Galaxy Express 999 fan. I'm happy to see these things happening.
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