Galaxy Express 999 Locations

Galaxy Express 999 is a franchise comprised of 2 movies, 3 anime series, 1 manga series
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4D-3 is a planet that is covered by an atmosphere made of water.

Angry Planet

Anger is a planet filled with bitter and hateful people who are constantly getting into fights.

Armored Planet

The homeworld of an advanced race with technology more than 3,000 beyond Earth's.


Ballera is a hollow planet with very low gravity.


A planet literally ripped in half by war.

Black Knight

Black Knight is the name of the planet that the Black Knight owns and his residence. It is surrounded by a blackout gas which neither lets light through nor reflects it.

Capital of Rain

The Capital of Rain is a planet with never-ending rain.

Double Planet

A location in the Galaxy Express 999 series, the Double Planet is actually two planets that are connected by an energy field. The citizens of both planets are cyborgs.


Earth is the third planet in the sol system, in the outer arm of the Milky Way galaxy. Most noticed for it's blue appearance due to the massive bodies of water that surround it.


A stop on the GE999 route.

Fog Planet

A malformed planet covered in fog.

Fossilized Planet

A rocky and barren planet devoid of life.

Ghost Colony

An abandoned artificial planet on the Galaxy Express 999 route.

Hot Spring

Naturally created hot baths. People usually bathe in them nude or wearing a towel, they are popular in Japan.


Jewel is a pirate planet and the base of operations for Queen Emeraldas.

Kingdom of Repentance

A planet known for being safe and pristine.

Mariko's Firefly

Mariko's Firefly is a station along the Galaxy Express 999 route.


An industrialized planet with factories stretching for as far as the eye can see.


A dangerous planet occupied by cyborg professionals.

Mii-kun's Mansion of Life

A calm and peaceful planet that serves as the eternal resting place for dead animals.


Mirage is planet along the GE999 route of the Galaxy Railways.


Nuruba is a formless planet that is home to formless lifeforms. It is also a popular suicide spot for humans.

Planet That Sings Songs of Yesteryear

A stop along the GE999 route.

Planet of Dimensional Voyage

A planet that travels through dimensions destroying one planet after the other.

Planet of the Cowardly Elder

A desolate planet controlled by a ruthless and cowardly dictator.

Plated Planet

A wealthy planet where the citizens plate themselves in gold.

Sakezan Continent

A planet ran by a Tarzan-like man named Sakezan.

Snow Capital

A snow covered planet with rings of snow orbiting around it in a pattern similar to iron fillings around a magnet.


Space is the final frontier.

Spherical Housing Complex Planet

The SHCP is a stop on the Galaxy Express 999 route.

Sweet Sweet

A formerly beautiful planet that has been reduced to a battered wasteland due to greed.

Tombstone of Dead Leaves

The Tombstone of Dead Leaves is a stop along the Galaxy Express 999 route.


A bustling metropolis planet along the Galaxy Express 999 route.


A planet on the Galaxy Express 999 route.


The home planet of Hanako.

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