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The show’s revolver really chambered a dud round this time. Eeesh. Look, I’m not going to act like taking some of these shows seriously enough to do write-ups (especially a lot of the older ones) requires a bit of devil’s advocate on my part. As intrigued as I was by that one showing I saw on the Sci-Fi Channel’s Anime Saturday however long ago, you shouldn’t find it too shocking when I admit that GALAXY EXPRESS 999 wouldn’t be the first, or fity-first, show I’d reach for during a spot of all-too-elusive leisure time.

However, I try to keep as open a mind as I can, and I try to always keep their context in mind when I watch these classic shows. Sometimes, though, the datedness gets blatant enough to burst the bubble, I start blinking with a new awareness and I feel just a little embarrassed for watching something so silly.

Yeah, as sickVisionz pointed out last time, we’ve always been talking about a choo-choo train in outerspace here. Yet, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that Antares’ appearance just jolted me right out of the whole experience. After he showed up, my wandered, and I started realizing that Tetsuro looks a lot like Eric Cartman trying to seem tough whenever he wears the poncho…

…and then the whole house of cards just comes tumbling down with a sigh.

One of my friends actually explained to me that it was actually one of the GALAXY EXPRESS 999 movies that I watched way back on that one idle Saturday in the late 90s. Seeing as how I was already planning to cut off from this series once I reached episode 9, I’m starting to think I should drop it here and watch that flick instead.

Assuming it’s available for free, legal streaming online at the moment, of course.

Watch this episode, "The Great Bandit Antares” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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The movie is much better, it has some of the same problems as this and it gets fairly generic at the end but it is worth watching just to talk about.

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