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A century after the fall of the Galactic Network, the Transvaal Empire has risen on the ruins. However, the "lost technology" of the GN, looked after by priestesses called Moon Maidens, appears semimagical to the people of the Transvaal. Exiled prince Eonia kills King Gerrare and seizes control of the empire, but he is opposed by five pretty girls, the Angel Troopers, who steal a spaceship and team up with the young commander of the local militia. A sequel series, Galaxy Angel Z (2002), aired in nine half-hour slots, although each slot was split into two episodes. It was followed by Galaxy Angel A (2002) and Galaxy Angel X (2004). Galaxy Angel was one of the first shows to achieve an unexpected online presence-its short episode length, sci-fi leanings, extremely limited animation, and cute female cast conspiring to make it an ideal commodity in Japan in the early days of Internet file-sharing and encouraging disproportionately wide merchandising tie-ins.

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Name Galaxy Angel
Publisher ?
Start Year 2001
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