Gakuen Alice Characters

Gakuen Alice is an manga series in the Gakuen Alice franchise
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Akira Tonouchi

Akira Tonouchi is a high school student and the representative of the Special Ability class.

Anna Umenomiya

Anna Umenomiya is an elementary student with the alice to create dishes with varying effects.


Fukutan is a substitute teacher and cooking instructor at Alice Academy.


Himemiya, often referred to as Hī-sama, is the former principal of the middle school division.

Hotaru Imai

She´s a genius little girl with the alice of invention. Her best friend is Mikan.


Jinno is the head of the elementary school division and math teacher at Alice Academy.

Kaname Sonou

Kaname Sonou is a student at Alice Academy with the ability to place souls into stuffed animals.

Kazumi Yukihira

Kazumi Yukihira is Alice Academy's High School Principal and Mikan Sakura's uncle.


Kuonji, often referred to as ESP, is the principal of the elementary division.

Masachika Shiki

Masachika Shiki is a member of Z and has a close relationship with Yuka Azumi.

Mikan Sakura

Mikan Sakura is the main Protagonist of the series.


Misaki Harada

Mr. Bear

Mr. Bear is a teddy bear brought to life by Kaname Sonou.


Narumi is a teacher at Alice Academy and the one that accepts Mikan into the academy.

Natsume Hyuuga

Natsume Hyuuga (Hyuuga Natsume 日向 棗) is the male protagonist of Gakuen Alice.


Noda is a teacher at Alice Academy and adviser to the Special Type students.

Nonoko Ogasawara

Nonoko Ogasawara is an elementary student with the Chemistry alice that allows her to create potions with varying effects.


Reo Mouri

Reo Mouri is an international celebrity with the ability to manipulate others with his voice.

Ruka Nogi

Ruka Nogi is an elementary student with the Animal Pheromone alice and is best friends with Natsume Hyuuga.

Serina Yamada

Serina Yamada is an English teacher at Alice Academy.

Shuichi Sakurano

Shuichi Sakurano is a high school student and the student council president.

Subaru Imai

Subaru Imai is the older brother of Hotaru and school representative.

Sumire Shouda

Tsubasa Andou

Youichi Hijiri

Youichi Hijiri is a three year old with the ability to manipulate ghosts.

Yuka Azumi

Yuka Azumi is the mother of Mikan Sakura and possesses the teleportion, stealing and insertion alices.

Yuu Tobita

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