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Gainax is a anime/manga company
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Hideaki Anno

Gainax co-founder and director of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Hiroyuki Yamaga

Gainax co-founder, director of its first work (Wings of Honneamise), ongoing producer and company representative.

Shinji Higuchi

Gainax co-founder and storyboarder.

Takami Akai

Gainax co-founder and main force behind Gainax's Princess Maker. Famously offered insults to 2channel on a social networking site and stepped down from producing Gurren Lagann and from Gainax's board, but still works at the studio.

Toshio Okada

Gainax co-founder. Also known as the "Otaking," Okada has lectured on otaku culture at Tokyo University. More recently he put a lot of effort into losing weight and published a book about it.

Yasuhiro Takeda

Gainax co-founder, and Gurren Lagann producer.

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

Gainax co-founder; famed artist and designer behind Gainax's biggest works-- Neon Genesis Evangelion (which he also draws the manga of), FLCL, Wings of Honneamise, etc. He also does work outside of Gainax, including Summer Wars and .hack.

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