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One of the seeds of life, Adam is the first angel and progenitor of the third throught seventeenth angels. Also the genetic basis for the Evangelions



Akari is a young girl that appears just as mysteriously as Hikari.


He is a commander at Interstellar Immigration. He has had past relations with Haruko, similar to that of Naota's.


A being or race of beings with a shared consciousness who attempt to control humanity.


The fifteenth angel, it stayed in space and psychologically attacks Asuka.

Arumi Asahina

A young girl who travels with Sasshi through various worlds.

Asuka Langley Soryu

Asuka Langley Soryu is the Second Child and pilot of EVA Unit-02. She's a child-prodigy who was raised from a young age to be an Eva pilot.


The thirteenth angel, it infects and takes control of Eva Unit 03.


A strange creature known as a "mole-pig," but with remarkable intelligence.

Captain Nemo

The leader of the Nautilus, he and his crew battle against the Neo-Atlanteans. He is secretly Nadia's father.


Darry Adai

A little girl turned teenage mech pilot.

Emperor Neo

The King of the Neo-Atlanteans. He is secretly Captain Nemo's son and Nadia's older brother.

Eri Ninamori

Class President and Possible Love Interest of Naota


Eva Unit 00

The first prototype Evangelion unit created by Japan. It current pilot is Rei Ayanami.

Eva Unit 01

One of the test types EVAs created from Lilith by Yui Ikari.

Eva Unit 02

A Eva unit created by Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu. It is piloted by her daughter Asuka.

Eva Unit 03

Eva Unit 03 is one of the EVA units that was transferred to Japan. It was infected and gained control by the thirteenth angel Bardiel.

Gendo Ikari

The Manipulative Commander of NERV

Gimmy Adai

A small child turned teenage mech pilot.

Grandis Granva

Grandis Granva is the head of the Grandis Gang, a trio of jewel thieves. Once a wealthy Italian noblewoman, she lost her fortune to a deceitful womanizer. She met Nadia while in pursuit of her jeweled necklace, the Blue Water. Later, they became friends.


Guame is one of Lord Genome's Four Supreme Generals who oversees the Dai-Gundo.


Hanson is Grandis' henchman/friend and happens to be the brains of the Grandis Gang.

Haruko Haruhara

A girl from outer space that comes to Mabase, Japan in order to use the N.O channel in Naota's head. While she is there she acts as the Nandaba household's maid.


Hikari is a girl whom Takeru finds in the forest and falls in love with in the first episode.


A virus-like angel. It attacks by infecting Nerv's HQ.

Jean Roque Raltique

The second main protagonist of Nadia - Secret of Blue Water, Jean is a 14 year-old orphan from France who fell in love with Nadia at first sight.

Jennifer Portman

Jennifer Portman is a crazy American.


is a young man from Jeeha, a subterranean village, who dreams of leaving the underground and going to the surface, a place which he alone believes he saw as a child. Possessing a seemingly arrogant personality, Kamina is very passionate about his goals and will pursue them without a trace.

Kaworu Nagisa

Kaworu is the fifth children and the seventeenth Angel, Tabris.

Kazumi Amano

The second main character of the anime OVA "Aim for the Top! Gunbuster." Classmate and friend of Noriko Takaya.

Kei Munakata

A Character in the manga/anime Medaka Box and Medaka Box Abnormal. A senior of Class 13 who specializes in concealing weapons and speed.

Keisei Tagami

Keisei Tagami helped raise Ouri Kagami and is the contracted monk for the Shikabane Hime Makina Hoshimura.

Kinon Bachika

The quietly intelligent middle sister of the Black Siblings.

Kittan Bachika

A fiery young man, who takes over has Leader of Team Dai-Gurren after Kamina's Death.

Kiyal Bachika

Kyal is the youngest of the Black Siblings, and one of the pilots of Dai-Gurren.

Kiyoh Bachika

Kiyoh is the oldest sister of the Black Siblings, and one of Dai-Gurren's pilots.

Kouki Akune

Originally he is the prince of the Judo Club in Medaka Box even though he gets defeated by Zenkichi, he thens join the Student Council and becomes the Student Council Secretary.

Lark Melk Marre

One of the main characters of the OAV "Aim for the Top 2! Diebuster".

Leeron Littner

A flamboyant mech technician with an androgynous look.


One of the seeds of life, Lilith is the second Angel and the progenitor of humans.

Lord Genome

The King of the Beastmen, although not a beastman himself.

Makina Hoshimura

Makina Hoshimura is a Shikabane Hime, a killer of other Shikabanes. She is one of the main characters of the anime Shikabane Hime

Mamimi Samejima

Mamimi was Tasuku Nandaba's girlfriend until he left Japan. She was then seen hanging around Tasuku younger brother Naota who is the protagonist of FLCL.

Mari Nishino

Mari Nishino is Takeru's cousin.


A spider-like angel, it attacks Tokyo 3 in the middle of a power blackout

Medaka Kurokami

In the beginning of Medaka Box, she becomes the student president. She appears to be one of the main character of the franchise.

Misato Katsuragi

Misato Katsuragi is the chief tactical officer at NERV's Japan Branch in Tokyo-3, and Shinji Ikari's self-appointed guardian. She's the only survivor of the Second Impact. She aims to defeat the Angels and save humanity.

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