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One of the many Toei super robot anime from the era.


While Go Nagai is not credited as the creator due to a legal dispute, he has confirmed that he did in fact come up with the design for the robot Gaiking.


In the 80's Gaiking, along with 4 other super robot show, were localized as the Force Five series and edited down to 26 episodes. This was a normal practice for the time

William Winckler Productions produced three English dubbed movie versions edited from the original series in 2009 and released on dvd by Shout Factory. This is the only version of the show available in the North American market.


Sanshiro Tsuwabuki's dream of becoming a professional baseball player is crushed by an invasion of mysterious bird-men, the Dark Horror Army, sent by Prince Darius of Planet Zera (Zala) to kill any psychics who could be obstacles to their plans of world conquest. Zera needs Earth because Zera is just about to be engulfed by a black hole. In Toei Animation's first robot animation not to be based on a manga, Sanshiro is invited by Dr. Daimonji (Professor Hightech) to join the Great Sky Magic Dragon (Gaiking Space Dragon) combat force to fight back, and he duly does so. Shown as part of the Force Five series on U.S. television, for which Sanshiro's name was changed to Ares Astronopolis, which the producers must have deemed nicely inconspicuous. A sequel was broadcast in 2005 on TV Asahi, directed by Masahiro Hosoda.

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General Information Edit
Name Gaiking
Name: 大空魔竜ガイキング
Romaji: Ozora Maryu Gaiking
Publisher Toei Animation
Start Year 1976
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Aliases Great Sky Dragon Gaiking Daiking The Protectors
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