Sket Dance #4 - Gachinko Vivage Battle

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 07/04/2008

Plot Summary

Plot Summary

When Bossun mixes the order that his teammates go, they also lose Moe Yabasawa who goes after her pet Gibbon. Hime faces Shinba in the cooking round. Despite her excellent cooking skills, Shinba defeats her due to his food is warmer by taking the last ten minutes to cook. Shinzo and Sasuke fight in the spirit fighter round. However, Sasuke bides his time by evading Shinzo, and the Frisky's effects wear off. When Shinzo is about to collapse, he regains his second wind and defeats Shinzo by his technique, Shiren.

In the third round, Switch and Daisy engage in a shootout. Both of them have 3 bullets per revolver and can only use the second one when the first one runs out. Switch gets hit twice before he lures Daisy in a room. He hits Daisy twice and explains that his laptop tricks her by playing gun shot noise. Somehow, Daisy's insults get Switch angry, and when Switch misses his shot, Daisy has the revolver aimed at him. As Switch is in a tight situation, he throws his revolver at her, and both of them shoot at each other. It turns out that Switch fires the first shot, so Switch is the winner.

In the last round, Bossun and Sojiro play Pixie Garden. The rules are that each player puts down a card (up to three) and says the name. The opposing player can call check, and if the player is caught lying, he has to put the card back in his hand. The winner is the one who uses up his cards.

A wild card called the Pixie can end the game if a player calls check on the person who plays the pixie card.

During their match, Sojiro bets his position on the student council, and if he loses, he resigns. However, if Bossun loses, he has to quit Sket Dan. After Sojiro raises the stake, he continually pesters Bossun with question. Bossun uses concentration mode to recall the order of the cards and successively fight back Sojiro who has two cards left. When Sojiro plays the card, Bossun checks him. Somehow, Sojiro reveals the card and it is not the Pixie card. Sojiro wins the match.

At the end of the day, Bossun, his club members, and his friends throw him a farewell party. Suddenly, Sojiro enters the room, and after giving Moe her "3" mouth, he tells Bossun that he was kidding and that Bossun cannot quit Sket Dan due to his new order.


Japanese Released Date: July 4, 2008.

American Released Date: None.

Chapter 27: Round 1 - Cooking Colosseum - "kkaisen kukkingu koroshiamu" (一回戦 クッキングコロシアム)

Chapter 28: Round 2 - Spirit Fighter - "Nikaisen supiritto faitaa" (二回戦 スピリットファイター)

Chapter 29: Fist and Sword - "Ken to ken" (拳と剣)

Chapter 30: Round 3 - Shooting Gangster - "ankaisen shūteingu gyangusutaa" (三回戦 シューティング ギャングスター)

Chapter 31: SCM - "Sasuga kūru megane" (さすかクールメガネ)

Chapter 32: Round 4 - Kokuhaku Monogatari - "Yonkaisen kokuhaku monoga" (四回戦 こくはく物語)

Chapter 33: Round 5 - Pixie Garden - "Gokaisen pikushii gaaden" ((五回戦 ピクシーガーデン)

Chapter 34: Found the Pixie - "Pikushii mitsuketa" (妖精見つけた)

Chapter 35: The Curtain Falls!! - "Heimaku!!" (閉幕!!)




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