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Based on the Eromanga of the same name by Hiroki Yagami.


 G-Taste #1 Cover (1997)
 G-Taste #1 Cover (1997)
Based on the 1997 eromanga written and drawn by Hiroki Yagami. It focuses on several sex stories evolving variety of women using classic hentai tropes. There maids, office ladies, Teachers and nurses. Male appearances in this series is scarce, and is also  shows of genitalia that would be seen in most hentai's. Yuri and voyeurism are the main themes of G-Taste, and because of this it is usually seen as a soft-core title and is recommended for one taking their first trip in the hentai anime/manga universe. 


Vol. 1 Moe Yagisawa

Moe Yagisawa (八木沢萌 Yagisawa Moe)
A Young woman who works in an office complex. She is usually seen in public pleasuring herself near unanimate objects.

Vol. 2 Nana Morimura & Vol. 3 Mai Kannazuki

Ayaka Konno (紺野彩香 Konno Ayaka)
A maid under the command of Mai Kannazuki. She usually performs shows with Mayu.
Baron Masquerade (マスカレード男爵 Masquerade Danshaku)
A Noble and rick individual that has his maids perform sex shos for friends and other important figures.
Mai Kannazuki (神無月舞 Kannazuki Mai)
The manager of the maids, she secretly has feeling for Baron Masquerade.
Mayu Hoshino (星野麻由 Hoshino Mayu)
One the Maids under the guidnce of Mai Kannazuki, she usually performs sex shows with the other maids.
Nana Morimura (森村奈々 Morimura Nana)
The main woman of the episode 2 and 3 of G-Taste and new maid Recruit of Mai Kannazuki.
Risa Mizutani (水谷理沙 Mizutani Risa)
A Maid who befriends Nana and shows her the daily routines of Baron Masquerades Mansion.

Vol. 4 Sayaka Mizukoshi & Vol. 5 Misuzu Kawamura

Misuzu Kawamura (川村美鈴 Kawamura Misuzu)
high school student/swimmer in love with her mentor
Sayaka Mizukoshi (水越沙耶香 Mizukoshi Sayaka)
high school teacher
Touka Fubuki (風吹東花 Fubiki Touka)
doctor for a high school and twin sister to Kyouka Fubuki

Vol. 6 Asuka Senou

Asuka Senou (瀬能明日香 Senou Asuka)
young nurse
Kanae Aizawa (相沢香苗 Aizawa Kanae)
young nurse, senior colleague of Asuka Senou
Kyouka Fubuki (風吹京花 Fubuki Kyouka)
doctor in a local hospital and twin sister to Touka Fubuki

Vol. 7 Yuna Shingyouji FINAL

Yuna Shingyouji (真行寺由奈 Shingyouji Yuna)
news announcer
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Name G-Taste
Name: ジィ・テイスト
Publisher Green Bunny
Start Year 1999
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Aliases G-Taste OVA
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