Future Diary

Future Diary is a anime/manga concept
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A God-Like device that can tell certain parts of the future. These are the central plot of the Mirai Nikki series.


[Future] Diary

  These are devices enhanced by Deus Ex Machina. They have the ability to tell the future, bu t what they tell depends on the type of diary. They may be in any form of writing but it is mostly used in cell phone. Other versions include a picture book, a scroll, and even a website.

The Game

It has been revealed that Dues Ex Machina is dying so he must look for a successor. So he created this survival game to decide who will become the new God, last of the 12 players still alive gets the throne. 
All those with the future diary must use their knowledge and skills to protect themselves but if the diary is destroyed so are they.


All future diaries have the ability to tell the future. But depending on what future diary it is determines what events of the future it will tell. For example Yukiteru's [No Difference] diary tells of all the events round him but none about himself while Yuno's [Yukiteru] diary only tells of events involving Yuki. What the diary tells you can help you or raise the "Death Flag".
Another power is the ability to know how you may die. If you are in a checkmate position you raise your "Death Flag" where only a miracle may save you. Another side effect is you may die through an attack to the body or the diary, if your future diary is destroyed so are you. 
General Information Edit
Concept Name Future Diary
Japanese Name: 未来日記
Romaji Name: Mirai Nikki
1st manga book: Future Diary #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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