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Future Diary is an anime series in the Future Diary franchise
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Dream A nice example of a train wreck anime with a lot of hype.

It's been quite a while since I've seen a series as laughably bad as Future Diary. Focused on a survival game with our weak-willed male lead Yukiteru and a yandere gal named Yuno obsessively in love with him, this series is a huge mess with plot and character developments, proper ...

Reviewed by Dream on Oct. 29, 2013
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Elfenlied1012 The Future is Bleak

Hello Anime Vice! It is I, M, here again to bring you my own taste and perspective to all the anime I’ve seen, and if there’s one thing I’m good at its being opinionated. Today’s review is a break from the Deadman wonderland and a small aside into another anime ...

Reviewed by Elfenlied1012 on Aug. 4, 2012
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hopemaster Future Diary (Mirai Nikki/未来日記)

The Future Diary series was a great anime series about a young Man named Yukiteru Amano. He is a quiet and lonely Teenager who discovers his imaginary Friend; Deus Ex Machinma is a Real God who grants Yukiteru a Cell Phone. This cell phone has a extra-ordinary feature - It ...

Reviewed by hopemaster on May 18, 2012
Putemonsteret A somewhat entertaining train wreck of an anime.

A survival game where the participants use future telling diaries and the protagonist must team up with a psychopathic stalker girl in order to survive is a fun premise, and sadly that’s probably the only thing Future Diary got going for it.When it comes to execution on the idea the ...

Reviewed by Putemonsteret on Dec. 28, 2013
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