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Now, don't those eyes look like they can just see into the future?
Now, don't those eyes look like they can just see into the future?

I’ll go for the pithy quip and say that this is the show that STEINS GATE really, really wanted to be.

The notion of a cell phone delivering ominous messages from the future seems so… pedestrian a source of scares that you've really got to play along a lot to take it seriously. It’s maybe a click or two off from the notion of a cursed Twitter feed. Why it seems so much easier to work with here (over STEINS GATE) is that there’s more going on with the show, idea wise, than just a handful of people fretting about what some mysterious texts mean. You've got dream god and a whole BATTLE ROYALE-style game of death to spread the burden. I was going to question how silly the one serial killer with the Halloween mask seemed but, by that point, the series had already established itself as an outright fantasy... it was all OK.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been perplexed enough by anime’s different visions of masculinity to feel it worth commenting on. Still, the lead kid in this show seemed notably pampered (particularly in the moment where he’s gloating about how he’s managed to evade getting beat up by those bullies behind the school) that I can’t help but suspect that his, uh, “demeanor” is due for some comeuppance later. I read some commentary somewhere that, supposedly, a lot of Japanese women are flustered with the steadily-dwindling dearth of manly man in their comeuppance (which would seem to fit into the depictions of heroes I’ve noted in these shows) - - and that’s enough to make me feel like this kid’s in store for some humbling. Or at least some growth.

I give kudos to this show for how it set up the other “seers” our hero is going to have to fight against. Maybe it’s an easy tactic to build mystery and anticipation when you’re literally depicting future foes in silhouette, but I did appreciate the subtle detail that neither he, nor his girl, were obscured because they had already known to each other. I don’t know if THE FUTURE DIARY will wind up on the top of this growing pile of possible shows, but it’s certainly a solid start.

Watch this episode, "Sign Up” below and decide for yourself.

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4 episdoes in, and I love this show.

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I've not been watching the adaption, read the manga as it was being released though. It had an interesting premise but for me it just turned into an average series with lots of unlikeable characters and a terrible ending.
Much prefer Steins;Gate, though the two are so different they can't be compared really.
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I read a little of the manga a few years ago and didn't really care for it at all. I ended up reading the mangaka's other series, Hanako And The Terror of Allegory, and I liked that a bit more, but it seems much less popular than Future Diary.

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I'm actually loving this show. :)

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I am in love with this show. Like the time I am in love with Steins;Gate during summer. This anime is the best of Fall 2011 anime for me. Don't wanna read the manga yet. I am keeping the excitement to myself waiting every week. :D

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I had a serious case of deja vu when I watched this. Must be a coincidence right?

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@newmarcom said:

I had a serious case of deja vu when I watched this. Must be a coincidence right?

Me too >.>

The story seems a bit familiar, but I can't really put my finger on it. A little bit like a PG version of Parasyte. XD

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I want to watch this show, but I have a feeling I will not like the ending or the characters. Waiting until more episodes are out to watch

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Problem with this series is we know how it ends from the first episode. I much rather prefer Stein's Gate so far.

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Sigh I see your crazy crazy hate for steins gate you can call messages from the future a pedestrian scare I don't understand. I am a crazy sci-fi freak (novels, TV, Movies, Animes) in fact the sci-fi stuff is what got me into anime. (Vampire Hunter D was the first I ever saw) and anything dealing with time travel still fascinates me. Ah well, otherwise your taste and mine pretty much line right up so I SUPPOSE I'll not give you to much grief over this lapse.

From your description I would say this show sounds way more generically shonen and so not interesting (remember I can't stand Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, Naruto...) than Steins Gate and so not up my ally.

If you haven't finished Steins Gate yet Hellos you are in for a treat post on it when you have and I'll try to comment (send me a pm as I don't have time to watch the forums much)

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episode 26 is making me cry because of the sadness and some tears of joy T_T

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