Future Diary Characters

Future Diary is a franchise comprised of 1 movie, 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Akise Aru

A boy genius who wants to become a great detective. He somehow ends up getting involved of Diary Game, which pique his interest to learn the truth behind everything. As his investigation went on he discovers truths more than he bargained for.

Deus Ex Machina

A God of Time and Space. He is the mastermind behind the [Future] Diary Games.

Hino Hinata

A classmate of Yukiteru and Yuno.

Hirasaka Yomotsu

Hiyamama Takao

The 3rd person in the future diary survival game. He is a serial killer with a [Murder] diary. He was the first to get killed.

John Bacchus

Kamado Ueshita

Keigo Kurusu

A cop with the [Investigation] diary. With it he may know the future of his investigations.

Kurou Amano

Yukiteru's father.

Masumi Nishijima

Minene Uryuu

A terrorist bomber as well as the owner of the "Escape Diary" she is the 9th contestant in Deus Ex's game to be the new "God".


Deus Ex Machina's servant who goes on and off as she please. In the beginning, She start as a harmless character, but later she start to scheme something behind her master. She gave to Yuno the power of creating another dimension, killing the 2nd dimension Yuno and have 2 diaries one from each dimension.

Nonosaka Mao

Ouji Kosaka

Rea Amano

Yukiteru's mother

Tsubaki Kasugano

Yukiteru Amano

The First future diary holder. After a life of just being a bystander his life changes when his [No Difference] Diary.

Yuno Gasai

She's a popular girl who is secretly the stalker of Yukiteru Amano. Her future diary is the [Yukiteru] Diary.

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