Future Boy Conan

Future Boy Conan is an anime series
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Twenty years after a devastating nuclear war in 2008, only scattered communities of humans are left living on the small islands that were once mountaintops. Conan grows up on his island with his grandfather, believing themselves to be the last survivors of their race until a young girl, Lana, is washed up on their shore. She is a refugee from the evil military kingdom of Industria, which is trying to revive the use of dangerous energy sources. A first-time directing job for Hayao Miyazaki that incorporated elements he would later reuse in his Nausicaä and Castle in the Sky (though the original genesis of FBC lay in the novel The Incredible Tide [1970], by Alexander Key). The series was also edited into FBC: The Movie, which was released three months before Castle of Cagliostro and, hence, could be argued on a technicality to be Miyazaki's first "movie."

The franchise was revived as FBC 2: Taiga Adventure (1999), directed by Miyazaki's former assistant Keiji Hayakawa, though its relationship to the original is extremely tenuous. The eponymous Taiga and his archaeologist father, Professor Dyno, are searching for ancient artifacts in South America, where there was supposedly a mysterious culture that could build great metallic birds 20 thousand years before. As he fights with treasure hunters for control of the ancient power-stones, Taiga discovers that the ancient O-Parts devices can power land, sea, and air machines that are each designed to look like a giant animal. In other words, it's a rehash of Babel II and Mysterious Cities of Gold with a name designed to promise more than it actually delivers.

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Name Future Boy Conan
Romaji: Mirai Shonen Conan
Publisher ?
Start Year 1978
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Aliases Conan the Boy in Future
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