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A normal high school girl joins a club for futanari girls.


Futabu! (lit. Futa Club!, short for Futanari Club!) is an anime adaptation of the doujinshi series of the same name (later released as a Hentai manga collection under the name Futabu! MIX) written and illustrated by Bosshi. The first volume containing episode 1 was released on February 21, 2014.


Akane Niimura is invited to join the Futa Club; a club for futanari girls. She is the first ordinary girl to join the club, and signs on for "service" duty.


Akane Niimura (Niimura Akane)
Voiced by: ?
Occupation: 1st Year Student, Futa Club Service Member
Gender: Female
Akane is an ordinary high school student looking for new ways to stimulate herself, ultimately leading her to the Futa Club.
Mao Asakura (Asakura Mao)
Voiced by: Yun Sachi
Occupation: 2nd Year Student, Futa Club President
Gender: Other (Futanari) Penis Length: 41cm Girth: 12cm Ejac Volume: Immeasurable
Mao is known as a genius for skipping grades, and is the president of the Futa Club. Despite being physically small, she has the most impressive penis in the club. When erect it becomes so large, and uses so much blood, that she sometimes faints from anemia. When fully erect, her personality changes.
Sumika Oohashi (Oohashi Sumika)
Voiced by: Nerine Akimoto
Occupation: 3rd Year Student, Futa Club Vice-President
Gender: Other (Futanari) Penis Length: 40cm Girth: 6cm Ejac Volume: 200cc
Sumika is the vice-president and founder of the club and the one who invited Akane to join. She steps in when Mao gets carried away. Sumika has a long, flexible penis.
Aya Itou (Itou Aya)
Voiced by: ?
Occupation: 2nd Year Student, Futa Club Member
Gender: Other (Futanari) Penis Length: 20cm Girth: 10cm Ejac Volume: 250cc
Aya is a tomboy who likes to push Ai around. She has a very curvaceous body and a thick penis. She acts tough in the club, but when she's alone with Ai she sometimes lets Ai have her way with her.
Ai Aihara (Aihara Ai)
Voiced by: ?
Occupation: 1st Year Student, Futa Club Member
Gender: Other (Futanari) Penis Length: 10cm Girth: 5cm Ejac Volume: 1000cc
Ai acts a little spoiled, but is mostly fun-loving and cheerful. Before Akane joined she considered herself the "lowest ranking" member because she has the smallest penis. Despite having the smallest penis in the club, she can ejaculate incredible amounts.
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1 - 4
Part 4
1 - 3
Part 3
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Part 2
1 - 1
Part 1

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General Information Edit
Name Futabu!
Name: ふた部!
Romaji: Futabu!
Publisher ?
Start Year 2014
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Aliases Futa Club!
Futanari Club!
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Recurring Appearances
Mao Asakura first in Part 1
Ai Aihara first in Part 1
Aya Itou first in Part 1
Sumika Oohashi first in Part 1
Akane Niimura first in Part 1
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