Futa Kagestu

Futa Kagestu is a anime/manga character in the Naruto franchise
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The eldest son of the Kagestu estate. He calls upon the genin of the Hidden Leaf village to help with his problem.

Futa Kagestu is the eldest of three siblings in his family and his the son of the late Tobei Kagestu. After his father dies, he is named the sole heir of the Kagestu estate on the condition that during the funeral service that he does not laugh at all. If he does, he loses all rights to the estate and the rest of his family getsto divide it amongst themselves. Futa knows he has a weak constitution and would probably crackup with laughter due to his relatives plotting to make him laugh and inquires the Hidden Leaf Village to send someone who does not laugh. Shino is sent to fulfill this position as the will also states that Futa can find someone to be a substitute mourner for him. However, after Shino is poisoned with the Laughter Posion, he gets Naruto to be the chief mournerin his place while Shino does the job of security.  
As the funeral goes on, Futa warns Naruto of each relatives devious ploys as he himself laughs in a back room while Naruto is doing his best not to laugh. When Tsukiko and her husband perform their raunchy show and Tobei appears to the group to be alive and well, Futa recalls the good times they had as a family, enjoying their fathers jokes and simply being together. As Tobei lectures the group about howmoney doesn't buy happiness, Futa, along with everyone else, sees the error of his way and decides to change for the better.
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Name: Futa Kagestu
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Naruto #186
1st anime movie:
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