Furuichi Takayuki Enemies

Furuichi Takayuki is a anime/manga character in the Beelzebub franchise
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Himekawa Tatsuya First confrontation: Episode Unknown
Manga Unknown

Himekawa initially kidnapped both Furuichi and Hilda to tempt Oga into fighting him. However, after Himekawa was defeated by Oga he began to grudgingly work with Oga and, therefore, with Furuichi as well. Furuichi is currently commanding the video game tournament against Lord En with the aid of Himekawa's gaming equipment.

Lord En First confrontation: Episode Unknown
Manga Unknown

Baby Beel's elder brother sent by his father to help him destroy humankind. He's a spoiled and pompous child whose addicted to video games.

Reiji Kiriya First confrontation: Episode Unknown
Manga Unknown

Cruel, cold-hearted, and vicious, Reiji Kiriya is the Viper who gives Miki the scars upon his face when they got into a confrontation back in middle school. Humiliated by Oga and left with ghastly scars upon his face, Kiriya vows revenge upon Oga, no matter what it takes.

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